A Democratic President Would Already Be Impeached If They Did What Trump Has Done, Bill Clinton Claims

Donald Trump is one of the most unpopular men in the United States of America today, or at least one of the most talked about. Since becoming the President of the United States, Trump has seen his name smeared by the media and plenty of citizens and celebrities publicly bash him and his policies.

Not only has he received harsh criticism, Trump has also received calls for his impeachment. Those calls have not gone very far when it comes to the actual process of impeachment, but it is obvious that the Democratic Party would like to remove Trump from the White House if possible.

Bill Clinton, a former President of the United States himself, believes that a Democratic president would already have been impeached for the things that Trump has done, according to a report from Fox News. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Clinton made some very bold statements about Trump and the impeachment process.

“I think if the roles were reversed — now, this is me just talking, but it’s based on my experience — if it were a Democratic president, and these facts were present, most people I know in Washington believe impeachment hearings would have begun already.”

Clinton also went on to note that the United States is facing some “serious issues,” at this point in Trump’s presidency. Among those issues is the infamous Russia investigation into possible collusion. Robert Mueller has yet to tie Trump to anything, but many believe that it is only a matter of time before something comes out about the President.

In addition to talking about impeachment, Clinton also took a shot at Trump for his tactics during his campaign to become the Republican nominee. Trump called most of his opponents different names and Clinton did not approve of that route to victory.

“I don’t like all this. I couldn’t be elected anything now because I just don’t like embarrassing people. My mother would have whipped me for five days in a row when I was a little boy if I spent all my time badmouthing people like this.”

He also defended the media against the “Fake News” attacks from Trump throughout the Russia investigation.

“I think they have tried by and large to cover this investigation based on the facts.”

Clinton may or may not be right about his bold statement, but plenty of people are siding with his comments. Trump has not seen impeachment talks gain any momentum yet, but the Democratic Party certainly will not ease up on him moving forward.