Corey Lewandowski Weighs In On Trump, Mueller, And Leaked Memo

Charles Rex ArbogastAP Images

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski shed light on Donald Trump’s performance as president, the jobs market, and the upcoming budget that the GOP is planning.

Lewandowski said that the mainstream media has largely missed out on real stories happening in America right now.

He pointed out that 2.5 million jobs were created in the first six months in 2018, and historic tax cuts are now taking effect. The president has been able to negotiate the release of American hostages overseas without giving a boatload of cash, he added.

He said that President Trump has taken the initiative to assign the Department of Homeland Security to work with at-risk schools so that children are safe.

“Historic unemployment for African Americans, historical unemployment for the Hispanic community and stock markets which continue to go up and those are just the tip of the iceberg, and then you look at what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the president is going to be doing on June 12, which is the historic summit with Kim Jong Un to potentially denuclearize the Korean peninsula. What more can American people ask for?” Lewandowski said.

He added that despite facing resistance from all quarters— from the Democrats to the media, Trump is trying to do his job.

“This president has forced Congress to continue to act and continue move on his agenda,” he said.

Lewandowski said that Trump is looking at an FY2019 budget, which is going to cut $3 trillion over the next 10 years. “This would mean we are not spending more than we are bringing in every year,” he said.

The former Trump aide also stated that more circuit court judges have been approved in this administration than any administration ever.

“Congress has to get on the president’s team, and accomplish what he wants—which is more for the American people,” he said.

On the confidential memo that was published in The New York Times on Saturday, Lewandowski said that the biggest challenge that this administration is facing is the leaking of confidential information.

“I don’t know where this information was leaked from. If it’s from the Muller team, that’s very concerning. If it is from within the administration, that is even more concerning,” he said, adding that there was no collusion or coordination with the Russians.

When asked if the president was above the law, Lewandowski said, “Nobody is above the law.”

He, however, emphasized that if the special counsel were to subpoena the president, Trump’s personal attorney, Rudi Giuliani, will take that to court saying that the president cannot be subpoenaed in this particular issue.

“If they work out without a subpoena, that’s one thing, but they’ve laid out the argument that the president is above a subpoena in this issue based on legal precedence. The legal precedent goes back to the Clinton administration in the last 1990s, where the Justice Department ruled the very same thing,” he said.