6 Amazing Circular Concoctions In Honor Of National Donut Day

Donuts, also known as doughnuts, are one of America’s favorite sugary snacks. In fact, Statista reports that almost 193 million Americans enjoyed at least one donut in 2017. In honor of the deliciousness of National Donut Day, when you can often get a free donut, here are some of the most decadent and delectable circular concoctions.

Maple + Bacon Donut


First up is this Maple + Bacon creation from The Salty Donut, which is an artisanal donut shop in Miami, Florida. Much like the name suggests, this formula includes a maple glazed brioche donut that’s topped with bacon pieces. Maple and bacon in one bite is definitely a winning combination for many donut lovers.

The 10-Pound Donut


You can get this 10-pound donut from the JW Marriot Desert Springs. Be sure to ask for the DoNut Disturb package when you’re ready to tackle this mountainous dessert. Homer Simpson fans can have the full experience with this pink frosted donut that’s served with a side of frosty milkshakes.

Pressed Ice Cream Sandwiches


The B Sweet Dessert Bar in Los Angeles has managed to cram two of the world’s favorite desserts together. Dubbed Halos, these donuts actually contain an ice cream filling. In other words, Halos are donut ice cream sandwiches that are made in the summertime.

Italian Rainbow


Italian Rainbow is an artisanal donut concoction from Glaze Artisan in New Milford and West Caldwell, New Jersey. The colorful interior is made from fruit and almond flavors. It’s also topped with white, green and red sprinkles, hence the Italian part of this donut’s name.

PB&J Donut


This peanut butter and jelly covered donut is from outside the U.S., but it just might be worth the trip to Cape Town, South Africa. Sold by Holey Moley Artisan Donuts, this snack takes two beloved concepts and mashes them together for a sweet, protein-rich result.

Mac and Cheese Donut


Speaking of favorites, this comfort food donut combines sweetness with macaroni and cheese. Fortunately, this creation can be picked up in the U.S. at Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The entire thing is fried to make it extra tasty, and you can literally eat your dinner and dessert at the same time.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that donuts continue to be such a beloved snack food. National Donut Day only comes once a year, but artisanal donuts such as those in the list above are sold year-round.