Kris Jenner Says Khloe Kardashian Is Coming Home To L.A. ‘Very Soon,’ Will Likely Stay ‘For Good’

Kris Jenner says her daughter Khloe Kardashian will soon be moving back to L.A. and that she will likely be staying there. Jenner, who spoke out about her daughter’s homecoming while attending the American Woman premiere at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood on Thursday, was reportedly excited about having her daughter back in California.

According to a June 1 report by Us Weekly Magazine, Kris Jenner told the outlet that Khloe Kardashian will “be home soon,” adding that “it’s really great” to know her daughter is headed back to L.A. in the very near future. When asked if Khloe was coming home “for good,” Jenner replied, “I think so! Yes!”

Fans are now wondering what Khloe Kardashian’s homecoming means for her relationship with Tristan Thompson. As many fans already know, Tristan was busted cheating on Khloe when photos and video of him kissing and touching other woman surfaced online just days before Kardashian gave birth to their daughter, True. The cheating scandal quickly erupted online, and rumors began to fly that Khloe would leave Cleveland and return home to L.A. with her family.

However, that wasn’t the case. Kardashian stayed in Ohio and stood by her man. The pair seemingly decided to give the relationship another shot and have been trying to work things out. They’ve been seen out together multiple times, and Khloe has even been going to Tristan’s basketball games. However, if she’s planning to come home “for good,” then it might not bode well for the couple’s already fragile relationship, as Thompson lives in Cleveland, where he plays for the city’s NBA team, the Cavaliers.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Khloe Kardashian has allegedly been missing her family very much and has been in constant contact with her sisters, Kourtney, Kim, Kendall, and Kylie. Kim has even revealed that she, Khloe, and Kylie, who all have baby girls under the age of six months, have a mommy-related group chat, and are always talking with one another about the struggles and triumphs of motherhood.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner states that both Khloe Kardashian and True Thompson are doing well and that she’s been staying in contact with them while they are in Cleveland.

“Khloé is great! True is too. I’ve been FaceTiming with them for the past couple of weeks,” Jenner told the magazine.

Neither Khloe Kardashian nor Tristan Thompson has spoken publicly about the cheating scandal, but fans are expecting to see more about the subject in the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.