‘Days Of Our Lives’ May 31 Recap: Chloe Learns About Theresa, Will Finds Answers, And Ciara Pushes Tripp Away

On the May 31 episode of Days of Our Lives, fans learned that the lives of many Salemites are beginning to change dramatically. The episode began with Ciara receiving yet another phone call from Tripp. She didn’t answer the call and let it go to voicemail.

Tripp didn’t understand Ciara’s rejection and she refused to tell him that she was raped by Chase. The two eventually came face-to-face and enjoyed lunch together, but when Tripp tilted Ciara’s head to kiss her, the memories of her rape came flooding back. She pushed away from the situation and refused any form of relationship with Tripp. She told Tripp that, rather than taking things slow, they should not see each other at all.

In the Horton Town Square, Days viewers rejoiced as Marlena met up with Will, who told her about the drug information he found in the diary he has been reading. Dr. Rolf knew that there was a memory loss side effect. Susan didn’t want Will to regain his memory, but Rolf was still working on a formula that would reverse the damage from the injection. From the way it appeared in the journal, Will believed that there was a way to revive his memory.

Will also shared this news with Paul, now that he and John have made it back from Mexico. His excitement turned to confusion and frustration when Paul didn’t share in his joy. Paul, no doubt concerned that Will will remember his feelings toward Sonny, told him that he doesn’t think they should explore the possibilities of regaining Will’s memories.


Chloe finally returned home to Salem and was happy to see Lucas. He informed Chloe that he would be joining her on a trip to see Parker in New York.

Days of Our Lives viewers know that Theresa is alive and well, living in Salem after having left Chloe at the mercy of Mateo. Chloe is back in town and intends to tell Eve the bad news about her sister’s death. When she arrived at Eve’s room, she was greeted warmly, but the atmosphere quickly became dark as Chloe recounted the horror of being kidnapped, Theresa’s death, and eventually the murder of Mateo.

Eve informed Chloe that Theresa was currently living with Brady at the Kiriakis mansion, which incited Chloe. When Chloe stabbed Mateo, she felt guilty. Her guilt wasn’t because she killed a man, but because she didn’t do it in time to save her “friend.” After finding out that she was abandoned and left to die, Chloe headed out with Eve to find Theresa.


Theresa and Brady were together at the mansion. After being threatened by Xander in regards to leaving Chloe, Theresa suggested that Brady allow Xander to become CEO of Titan so that they could have time to rebuild their family. When Xander found out that Chloe had returned, he was irate that his leverage against Theresa was now gone.

The pair began to get cozy as Theresa tried to convince Brady to stop loving her sister. Brady held Theresa as she cried and he leaned in to kiss her. When she begged him to make love to her, Brady took Theresa by the hand and they began to head upstairs.

Today’s episode of Days of Our Lives ended as Eve entered the mansion just in time to stop Brady and Theresa from having sex. She claimed that Theresa was up to another one of her schemes, and she brought Chloe along as an eyewitness.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.