Is ‘This Is Us’ Ending? Creator Teases Series Finale Is Already Being Planned

This Is Us, NBC’s time-jumping hit drama series, is currently only renewed through its upcoming third season. Now, some fans wonder if the show could be nearing its end — especially after some recent comments made by show creator Dan Fogelman. At a pre-Emmy panel in Los Angeles, the This Is Us showrunner talked about the future of the series, and he teased that parts of the ending scene to the show have already been filmed!

Fogelman told reporters the writers already know how This Is Us will end and they have already started working on the final scene of the series.

“We’re pretty far along,” the This Is Us creator said, according to Popsugar. “Our writers and I are kind of to the end. We have a path for each season of the show. We’ve always had a plan. We didn’t want to get stuck.”

This Is Us remains one of the top-rated programs on television, but that doesn’t mean it will go on forever. Fogelman warned that “despite any success it may or may not have, I don’t think this show will ever overstay its welcome.” And then he added,

“We have a story to tell and we want to do this the right way. And so we have a plan. I’ve actually already shot pieces of the final scene in the series.”

This Is Us star Mandy Moore confirmed her boss’ statement about the eventual end of the show. According to Entertainment Tonight, when Moore was asked if she knows what will happen in the This Is Us series finale she replied, “I don’t know! Maybe parts of the ending have been shot!”

Filming for This Is Us‘ third season doesn’t start until July. That means those series finale scenes were likely shot when the cast was filming last season.

Of course, there could be a good reason why some scenes for the series’ final episode have already been shot. This Is Us‘ flashback format regularly features the Pearson siblings at young ages. Producers may need to get series-ending footage in while the teen and child actors who play those roles are still at those ages. Or it could just be that Dan Fogelman has another surprise up his sleeve.

Luckily for This Is Us fans, Mandy Moore wasn’t as ominous as Dan Fogelman was about the future of the series. Moore told reporters that the ending to the show is “a ways off.”

This Is Us returns to NBC this fall.