Barack Obama, Gun Salesman In Chief

Commentary | Barack Obama finally found a way to help the private sector economy although probably not in the way he intended.

Firearms and ammunition are flying off the gun shop shelves all over the country, as The Inquisitr has previously reported, because of White House saber rattling (so to speak) about gun control in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, even if the president’s proposals are for now labeled recommendations or considered full of fluff or window dressing.

Individuals are also applying for gun permits in record numbers.

Membership in the National Rifle Association is surging, even from those who may not be enamored with the stridency of the organization but want to support the Second Amendment. Lesser-known gun rights groups are also likely seeing a spike in membership.

Despite what it claimed, the Journal News newspaper was compelled to pull the interactive New York gun permit map after massive public outcry, and James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealed that the very same anti-gun journalists were hypocritically unwilling to place a gun-free zone sign outside their own homes.

Bottom line: Wrongdoers don’t abide by gun restrictions, and even gun control advocates seem to instinctively acknowledge that.

Although current federal (and state in some cases) proposals are directed towards assault weapons and whatnot, the ordinary law-abiding citizen seems to feel with some justification that the big picture is the imposition of restrictions that would disarm legal handgun owners. Hence the unprecedented amount of gun sales in America.

What Obama and his minions in the legislature and in the mainstream media (is there a difference?) appear not to understand is this: Law-abiding, non-ideological citizens who may believe in certain reasonable firearms restrictions also think that the Second Amendment should be protected to the same extent as all other provisions of the Bill of Rights.

This is true even if you are not a gun enthusiast or never even touched a gun and/or don’t want a gun.

All this political rhetoric about the need for additional gun control (often articulated by those who are protected by armed bodyguards at all times) is having unintended consequences even in a liberal state like Minnesota. A recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune is instructive in this regard:

“Perched on the corner of Josh and Jocelyn Hirschfeld’s bedroom dresser, a new deluxe gun safe sits right next to their framed wedding and family photos. Josh places his fingertips on the safe’s slots and taps out a combination. The door pops open, a light goes on and the 36-year-old real estate agent grabs his new 9-millimeter handgun and snaps in a 19-round magazine …

” ‘I’m not a commando and I’m not Bruce Willis,” Hirschfeld said. ‘I’m just a normal guy who wants a chance to protect his family and fears his rights might get taken away.’ “

Against this backdrop, aside from Second Amendment rights, the administration has shown little regard for the Constitution and separation of powers by among other things circumventing Congress over immigration enforcement (or non-enforcement) and for making recess appointments when Congress wasn’t in recess.

Are you pro choice when it comes to gun ownership?