Inauguration Protester Banned From D.C.

An inauguration protester has been banned from ever returning to Washington, D.C. Rives Grogan, an activist from California, climbed a tree and was allegedly shouting and causing a scene during President Obama’s inaugural address.

This is not Grogan’s first arrest in the Capitol. He has been convicted of five various offenses including disorderly conduct since 2009. Previously Grogan had been placed on probation and fined, but this time he has been completely banned from Washington, D. C.

Authorities spotted Grogan on Monday before President Obama began his address. Despite their efforts to talk him down, he refused to move. Police eventually brought in a ladder to aid in his removal, but, as reported by The Washington Post, he just kept climbing further into the tree.

Officials eventually decided to leave Grogan in the tree to avoid any further disturbance during the ceremony. Grogan, who had a limited ticket to the event, remained in the tree for over five hours. He reportedly climbed down himself and did not have to be forcibly removed.

Grogan was charged with violating previous orders as well as new charges associated with disturbing the peace on “Capitol Grounds.” He has been given permission to return to the Capitol one more time for a hearing on February 25.

Grogan’s mother, Penny Grogan supports her son’s decision to protest:

“God leads him to D.C. to what he needs to do. You stand up for anything of value, you get arrested. Washington is the place where people should be allowed to protest God will judge all of this one day, not the courts.”

As reported by, Grogan is a known anti-abortion activist who has previously disrupted baseball games and political rallies. In the protest that finally got him banned from D.C., Grogan was in a tree holding signs that read “Defund Planned Parenthood” and “Pray To End Abortion.”