Paris Attack Videos: Unedited Videos Of The Horrifying Paris Terrorist Attack Emerge [Graphic Videos]

Warning: The following videos contain graphic images and may be disturbing to some viewers.

In the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks, numerous videos are surfacing online that show the horrifying encounters and aftermath with the Islamic State terrorists. Videos have surfaced which show the aftermath of the slaughtering of patrons at cafes across Paris along with startling videos from the Bataclan theater and the Stade de France.

The following is a compilation of videos taken from across the web of the moments leading up to and following the Paris terrorist attacks. More videos will be added as they become available. Viewer discretion is advised as the content in the videos is graphic at times. This first video shows a shootout between police and the terrorists from the Bataclan theater massacre. Police can be seen scattering as bullets riddle the road.

The next video shows what the attack looked like from the inside of the Bataclan theater. A witness captured the exact moment that gunshots began ringing out during the concert. As shots are fired, one guitarist flees the stage while the drummer takes cover behind his drum set. Meanwhile, another member of the band looks on in horror.

A video of injured people laying in the road outside of the Bataclan shows the situation from around the corner as people flee the theater for safety.

At the back entrance of the Bataclan, a scary scene was captured by a French journalist who lived in an apartment complex near the building. The video showed a woman hanging from a window as she attempted to flee the terror happening inside. Meanwhile, concert-goers were running down the street out the back exit as it appears a number of dead bodies were laying near the exit. Injured people can be seen limping in the street while others drag out their bloody companions, leaving streaks of blood behind. The journalist, who works for Le Monde, was injured shortly after the video ended as he attempted to help a victim in the street below. He was reportedly shot in the arm.

Other videos show the scene from various apartments across the city. From police shootouts with the gunmen to emergency crews flying through the streets, the disturbing videos show the scenes that unfolded following the series of attacks throughout Paris.

The following video shows the moments directly following one of the cafe attacks in Paris. An injured woman can be seen on the ground as another woman elevates her bleeding leg. Other injured bodies can be seen strewn across the floor in the background.

Videos have also surfaced that show the scene outside of the Stade de France, where a soccer game was taking place. A terrorist allegedly tried to enter the game with a pre-purchased ticket but was stopped by security. The terrorist then detonated his bomb vest as he fled. Though the terrorists were not able to make their way into the stadium, three of the attackers detonated bomb vests outside of the stadium causing devastation near a McDonald's and other restaurants.

Despite detonating bomb vests, the game continued to play inside of the stadium with players and fans unaware of the happenings just outside. In fact, the moment that the bombs were detonated was captured on film and the crowds cheered thinking it was fireworks.

In all, the police confirmed that eight terrorists were involved in the coordinated attacks in Paris, with two of the attackers reportedly in the country on Syrian refugee status. Meanwhile, witnesses at the Bataclan say that one of the terrorists was a woman with police reporting that one of the attackers was just 15-years-old.

[Image via LiveLeak]