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Southwest Airlines Passenger Says ‘Crude’ Seat-Mate Masturbated Throughout The Entire Flight

Aaron Homer - Author

May 30 2018, Updated 2:58 p.m. ET

Southwest Airlines confirmed it is “looking into” a female passenger’s allegations that her seat-mate watched porn on his iPad and masturbated throughout the five-hour flight, Fox News is reporting.

The unidentified woman, who uses the Twitter handle @shariatPR, was on a flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia and stuck in the middle seat when her ordeal began. Because she was afraid to leave her seat or speak up to a flight attendant (more on that in a minute), she instead purchased a WiFi pass and live-tweeted her ordeal, tagging Southwest Airlines’ official Twitter account in the process.

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She claims that almost immediately after the aircraft took off, the man in the window seat next to her pulled out his iPad and immediately began watching porn. She at first thought it was a mistake on the guy’s part, and felt embarrassed for him, however briefly. That is until he started watching it “like it was nothing,” without headphones and without making any attempt to tilt his screen away from other passengers’ eyes. She says that he watched “video after video” of porn.

That would turn out to be the least of the woman’s problems. She claims the man began masturbating, and at least twice, he “completed” his efforts.

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“Twice now his body has started shaking in the throes of his orgasmic bliss. I’m so disgusted.”

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So why didn’t the woman alert a flight attendant or get up to move? Southwest’s Twitter people apparently thought the same thing, as whoever was working Southwest’s Twitter feed suggested that the woman do just that. The woman, however, responded that the man had at one point strongly gripped her arm during one of his “moments,” indicating how strong he was. Because of that, she said that she was afraid of what would happen to her if she got up, complained, or tried to sneak a picture of what the man was up to.

Not that there was any need for her to be sneaky. She says the man made no attempt to hide his porn or his “instrument,” and he even gave his “soiled” napkins to a flight attendant to throw away.

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“There’s no way your staff working on this flight haven’t witnessed what’s been happening.”

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Similarly, she says, the passenger in the aisle seat was “dead asleep,” so there was no way for her to escape.

Ultimately, Southwest advised the woman to wait things out and notify the flight crew when the plane had landed, to which she sarcastically replied, “because that’s exactly what someone who is being assaulted like this wants to do.”

Once on the ground, she claims that the passenger patted her on the head and told her he hoped she “enjoyed the show.”

For her trouble, ground crew offered her a voucher for a free dinner, she says.

Southwest said in a statement that it is “looking into” the woman’s allegations. However, as of this writing, no one from Southwest has reached out to the woman directly.


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