Mama June Shannon Backslides On 328-Pound Weight Loss After Gastric Sleeve

Samantha Chang

Mama June Shannon admits she has packed on a few pounds almost two years after getting gastric-sleeve weight-loss surgery, which helped her shed 328 pounds.

On the Season 2 trailer of her reality TV show From Not to Hot, Shannon confesses she has regained some of the weight as she struggles to squeeze into a dress (video below).

Mama June slimmed down from 460 pounds to 132 pounds after undergoing gastric-sleeve surgery in 2016. The mom of four kept the weight off for almost a year before backsliding a bit recently.

Because weight loss, weight gain, and the overeating that accompanies obesity are as much psychological as physical issues, almost 50 percent of bariatric patients regain a significant amount of weight five years after surgery, according to Healthline.

In Mama June's case, she previously admitted that she was terrified she might regain some of her weight because she still gets the urge to overeat.

Mama June lost a total of 12 pounds in loose skin and said the discomfort of the surgeries was worth it to get rid of the saggy, baggy skin.

"It's nine pounds on my stomach, and a pound a piece on my arms, and then maybe a half a pound of my neck," Shannon recounted. "I had been wanting the surgery and the arms done for quite a long time."

That said, Shannon has no interest in getting any more plastic surgery.

So will Mama June maintain her stunning weight loss? She'll chronicle her journey on Season 2 of From Not to Hot, which premieres June 15 on WE TV.