LAPD Motorcycle Cop Blocks Venice Bike Path, Gives Illegal Passing Ticket

This pastThanksgiving, a motorcycle cop working for the LAPD was blocking the famous Venice bike path with his vehicle. So when a cyclist tried to pass the motorcycle co,p he was pulled over for going the wrong way. When the motorcycle cop tried to cite the cyclist with a ticket, he decided to record the whole thing.

This video showing the LAPD motorcycle blocking traffic and then unfairly handing out tickets has gone viral on the internet. The YouTube video first started becoming famous on Reddit, but now it’s spreading even further over the globe.

The poster of the YouTube video put up this description:

“On a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend on the Venice bike path an LAPD officer was blocking the path on his motorcycle and another young girl was partially blocking the other side and bike traffic was backed up. I said, ‘officer, your motorcycle is blocking the bike path’ to which he replied, ‘I can give you a ticket for that.'”

The LAPD motorcycle cop tried to justify why he was out there, claiming that many people would like to see a police officer sitting in the middle of traffic on the busy Venice bike path. He says the cyclist, Chris Jackson, was pulled over because being on the wrong side of the bike path is “dangerous.” When the cyclist pointed out that someone else had just done the same thing, the cop simply replied, “Then you should have taken a picture of that.”

Chris then asks what the law actually is in regards to cycling safety on the Venice bike path. When the motorcycle cop refused to give a straight answer, Chris points out that the dotted yellow line on the Venice bike path indicates that passing is allowed according to typical traffic laws, the motorcycle cop said that “if it’s safe” it’s “probably” okay to pass. Which is what Chris was pulled over for in the first place.

Things just go downhill from there. Do you think Chris Johnson the cyclist should have been cited for a ticket for passing the LAPD motorcycle cop on the Venice bike path? Or perhaps you feel this is a case of a police officer misusing his authority?