Hulk Hogan Posts Tribute To Bam Margera, Realizes He’s Not Dead

Paul A. HebertAP Images

Hulk Hogan posted a touching Twitter tribute to a dead friend, but he tweeted about the wrong guy. The retired wrestling star took to Twitter to pay tribute to his “brother” Bam Margera before fans reminded him that the former Jackass star is not actually dead.

According to the Daily Mail, on Memorial Day, Hulk Hogan shared a photo of himself posing with reality star Bam Margera with the caption, “Bam I wish you were still with us. I sure would love to hang out again my brother love u miss u HH.”

It didn’t take long for fans to remind Hulk that Bam Margera is still alive. Hogan then posted a second tweet revealing he confused Bam with his late Jackass co-star Ryan Dunn.

“Got Ryan and Bam mixed up sorry Bam!!! HH,” Hogan wrote.

Both tweets have since been deleted from Hulk Hogan’s Twitter account.

Jackass fans know Ryan Dunn died in a high-speed car crash in his hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in June 2011. Dunn’s Porsche smashed through a guardrail and burst into flames, killing him and his friend Zach Hartwell. Ryan Dunn had allegedly been drinking before the fatal accident.

You can see screenshots of Hulk Hogan’s ill-fated tweets about his “late” brother below.

Hulk Hogan’s awkward mistake about Bam Margera is a reminder to fans about the 1995 car accident that foreshadowed Dunn’s car accident death and could have killed several of the future Jackass stars when they were just teenagers. According to Montgomery News, in a near-fatal crash in 1995, Ryan Dunn’s Volkswagen Jetta reportedly flipped eight times into oncoming traffic as he drove 100 mph with Bam Margera, and his younger brother Jesse, and friend Chris Raab in the car. The crash site of Ryan Dunn’s fatal wreck was less than a mile from where he had rolled the Jetta 16 years before.

Bam Margera has not spoken out about Hulk Hogan’s mistaken tweet, but the longtime MTV star has been vocal about his struggles since the death of his good friend Ryan Dunn. The reality star reportedly sunk into a depression and battled alcoholism after Ryan’s death. Bam even appeared on the VH1 reality show Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, where he broke down while talking about Dunn.

But Bam seems to be living his best life right now. On the same day Hulk Hogan accidentally tweeted about his death, Bam tweeted a photo that showed him enjoying a family day in the pool with his wife Nicole Boyd and their newborn son.