Jon & Kate Gosselin’s Daughter Hannah Posts Photo With ‘Missing’ Brother Collin On Instagram

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Jon and Kate Gosselin’s son, Collin, has been a hot topic of conversation among fans of the reality TV family for over a year now. Collin, who is just one of the Gosselin’s eight children, has scarcely been seen with the family over the past two years and has been deemed “missing” by some fans after Kate revealed she had placed him in a program for special needs children.

According to a May 29 report by Radar Online, Collin Gosselin has not been seen in photos with the family or on the reality TV series for two years. Collin’s mother, Kate Gosselin, revealed that her son was placed at an inpatient facility to receive treatment for his “special needs” but didn’t go any further into the situation. Meanwhile, Kate’s ex-husband, Jon, said he was not informed of the whereabouts of his son.

Later, Kate Gosselin confirmed that Collin had “some educational and social challenges” that he was working on while at the facility. Kate said Collin’s “inability to problem solve in a social setting leaves him frustrated and overwhelmed with the situation,” adding that her son has been struggling for “a very long time,” and that she’s been dealing with the impact of it all on her own.

Since the drama with Collin Gosselin, fans have been very vocal about wanting to see the teenager celebrate milestones with his siblings, such as family vacations and birthdays, but everyone in the family has been fairly silent about the situation. However, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s daughter, Hannah, is speaking out now and even posting photos of herself with Collin on her Instagram page.

So good to see Collin again I had so much fun shopping with him

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“So good to see Collin again. I had so much fun shopping with him,” Hannah wrote in the caption of a photo collage of herself with her brother. This marks the second time in a month that Collin has been seen with Hannah and Jon, as he previously celebrated his birthday with them as well.

Hannah seems to be the only Gosselin sibling who spends any significant time with her dad, Jon, as the father and daughter often post about their adventures together on social media. They’ve been spotted together so often that rumors have surfaced that Hannah may actually be living with her father at this time.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jon Gosselin recently took to his own Instagram account to reveal that he’s very thankful and grateful for all of the love and support fans have been offering him when it comes to his relationship with Hannah, hinting about the messy situation he’s in with ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. Hannah also posted a video of herself and thanked fans for their well-wishes, but later deleted the clip.

While Hannah has multiple photos of herself with her siblings and father on her Instagram account, fans have noticed that there is not one picture of her mother, Kate Gosselin, and have started to speculate about some big drama brewing within the family.