Taylor Swift Was Told To Take A Shower In First Interview In Two Years And Her Response Was Epic

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Taylor Swift took a break from her “Reputation” tour to hop on a plane to Swansea, Wales, and perform at BBC’s Biggest Weekend festival at Swansea’s Singleton Park on Sunday. Swift, 28, belted out a six-piece set of some of her biggest hits, which included “Ready For It,” “Gorgeous,” “Delicate,” “Blank Space,” and “Shake It Off.” Moving around the stage in extreme humidity in front of 26,000 adoring fans, it makes total sense that the singer would be completely drenched in sweat afterward.

So why the need to point it out?

After her performance, Swift agreed to an interview backstage with BBC Radio 1 deejay, Greg James. It was her first interview in two years. After thanking her for her time, James then told the “Bad Blood” singer, “I think you need to have a shower now.”

Perhaps other artists might have taken strong offense to James’ comment given the current weather conditions; however, Swift handled the situation with grace and her response was epic. “I agree and I’m not offended that you said that. There’s a lot going on and none of it’s good here,” she told him.

The two were able to smile and laugh it off, but the singer’s fans were not laughing and immediately rushed to Twitter to express their anger in Swift’s defense.

Here are a couple of other comments from fans who were clearly unable to “shake it off.”

Some of the other Twitter comments were extremely aggressive and included profanity.


Following the backlash over his seemingly, lighthearted comment, James also took to the popular social media site to express his view on what went down saying that he and Swift have “known each other for ages” and she has a “great sense of humor.” He even admitted that he originally intended to joke that the both of them should “go for a shower” but was ultimately relieved he didn’t as fans probably wouldn’t have liked that joke either. I think fans would agree that it was a wise choice on his part.

It’s true, James and Swift are no strangers to one another. The two previously met in 2014 and drove around London lip-syncing to Swift’s current hit at the time, “Blank Space.”

After performing in Wales, the “End Game” singer flew to Denver to continue her “Reputation” tour. During her concert, a little girl named Alexis had a seizure and had to be taken away on a gurney. While backstage, the “Style” singer gifted Alexis with a sweatshirt she had worn earlier as well as merchandise from her dressing room.

For your entertainment, you can watch Swift and James’s 2014 lip-sync performance of “Blank Space” below.