Millie Bobby Brown Posts Picture Of Moonlight Kiss With Boyfriend Jacob Sartorius, Draws Criticism

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Millie Bobby Brown posted a picture of a moonlight kiss with boyfriend Jacob Sartorius, but not everyone thinks it’s so innocent.

The picture, which both Brown and Sartorious posted to their Instagram pages, shows the two sharing a kiss while standing on a lifeguard tower in front of a moonlit beach. The picture went viral pretty quickly, attracting hundreds of thousands of likes, shares, and sweet comments from fans.

But some didn’t agree with the 14-year-old actress posting the picture. As Yahoo noted, some thought that the actress was acting a bit too old for her years.

“You are acting like you are a grown woman,” one person commented. “Don’t waste your childhood. I feel sad for u. U wont be a normal adult person in the future.”

Others thought that Millie Bobby Brown was too young to be kissing at all.

Not everyone takes the kiss picture so seriously. Singer Ariana Grande decided to poke some fun at the Stranger Things star.

“I wasn’t even allowed to leave my house til i was 20,” Ariana responded.

As People noted, Ariana Grande seems to have quite a friendly relationship with Millie Bobby Brown, as the two have joked on social media on a few occasions. Brown said that she and Ariana texted ahead of the Golden Globe awards last year and they discussed what they would be wearing for the evening.

Brown later shared a screenshot of their conversation and remarked about Ariana Grande, “love her so much.”

Millie Bobby Brown may still be 10 years Ariana’s junior, but she is starting to get just as much attention from tabloids. Her relationship with Jacob Sartorius has been the subject of plenty of rumors, including a story nearly a month ago that he had cheated on her. As Girlfriend reported, another young woman accused Jacob of flirting with her, though later said she was making it up for attention.

The report claimed that Millie Bobby Brown deleted all of her pictures of Jacob and stopped following him on social media, though it didn’t appear that this actually happened. And as her picture this weekend shows, Millie and Jacob appear to be doing pretty well.

moonlight w him ????

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And Ariana Grande is no stranger to getting publicity over her love life. The singer recently split from Mac Miller and has started dating Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, though People noted that it isn’t too serious yet.

For her part, Millie Bobby Brown didn’t appear to be too worried about the criticism over her kissing picture.