Blind Skateboarder Tommy Carroll Is A True Inspiration [Video]

Tommy Carroll Blind Skateboarder

Tommy Carroll has been blind since the age of two, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a professional skateboarder. Wearing protective gear, Carroll pulls off some incredible tricks from the comfort of his skateboard.

But skateboarding isn’t just about catching some air for Carroll. Through Perry’s project Be Brave Be Safe, he is hoping to inspire people while touting the importance of sports related safety.

According to

“Annually 3.7 million sports injuries incurred, of which 1.5 million are treated medically. To reduce the number of injuries and accidents reduction have VeiligheidNL and Perry campaign Be Brave, Be Safe launched. VeiligheidNL and Perry showing the Netherlands that you can achieve everything and injuries can occur if you have the proper protection and reflective materials will.”

Tommy Carroll is the perfect choice for a “be safe” campaign. While he hasn’t been able to see since the age of two, the Chicago native has managed to remain relatively injury free thanks to his insistence on protective gear.

Comments for his video and inspirational story have been tremendously positive. Here’s a sample of the typical type of comment Tommy Carroll has generated:

“That’s why I love the Internet. Every little but great story can have her private moment of attention. This one really made my day, and I’m sure I’ll learn something maybe even more touching tomorrow.

Thank you, Tommy, and keep it up !”

Here’s an inspirational video from the blind skateboarder:

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