Combat City USA: Florida Gun Range Lets Customers Shoot Each Other

CORRECTION: Based on a Yahoo! News story, this article originally combined Combat City USA’s two programs: Airsoft and Simunition. The article incorrectly inferred that customers were allowed to shoot at each other and that children were also being shot at. However, The Inquisitr would like to clarify that, while customers do shoot at each other in Simunition training, their guns have been modified with Simunition. Also, from our understanding of the company’s website, children are not shot at using Simunition rounds.

A Florida gun range called Combat Shooting Sports has taken the idea of combat practice from airsoft to a completely different level and is now allowing customers to shoot real guns at each other in simulated combat.

But don’t worry: You can’t be killed by the guns (at least not how they allow them) because they have been modified to use Simunition rounds, which use compounds similar to paintball rounds. Owner Dave Kaplan stated in an email to Yahoo! News:

“General dynamics created Simunition decades ago for the military and later law enforcement. They recently created a civilian range program and we are probably the only facility doing person on person fighting. We are taking firearm training to a level previously held by professionals.

The facility is also certified and insured. For added safety during the simulated combat, participants are outfitted with protective gear including helmets and padding over sensitive areas. Kaplan explained:

“There is supposed to be a degree of pain so that you do learn from it. Someone’s trying to hurt you. You learn how tactical as a civilian you can be.”

NBC Sports notes that Tiffany Chapin, a single mom, believes the real-life scenarios she creates at the Simunition gun range are the best way for women to learn how to defend themselves. Chapin teaches classes specifically for women who want to learn self-defense. Kaplan stated of the women, “Most of the time, they feel a little bit uneasy, nervous. I think it helps to have a female instructor.”

There are several options for simunitions courses, including: concealed weapons, intro to simunition training, personal protection, and winning the gunfight. They also have open shoot-house time and private lessons. Prices are between $132 and $189 for classes, while shoothouse and private lessons cost $100 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

Combat City USA also has airsoft ranges that are open to any age.

Update: This story has been updated from its original version.

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