Ivanka Trump To Campaign For Devin Nunes

Sebastian ScheinerAP Images

First daughter Ivanka Trump will be visiting California next month to campaign for House Intelligence chair, Devin Nunes. She will visit Fresno on June 18 as part of the “Keep The House” tour and will be accompanied by House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, according to a report by The Hill.

Nunes, who won the re-election with 67 percent of the vote in 2016, faces a tough Democratic challenge from Andrew Janz, the Fresno County Deputy District Attorney.

Nunes has served as the representative from California’s 22nd District since 2013, and as chair of the House Intelligence Committee. He briefly led the House’s Russia investigation before recusing himself in 2017.

Nunes, who has openly shown loyalty to the Trump administration, will now have the support of the first daughter.

Earlier this month, according to a report by CNN, Nunes threatened to hold Justice Department officials in contempt of Congress if they don’t release documents related to the source that he has subpoenaed.

Last week, Nunes said that he won’t meet with the Justice Department until he is handed documents related to a confidential FBI source who spoke with Trump campaign aides in 2016 about Russian interference in the election. Nunes also pointed to reports that the confidential source spoke with at least two advisers to President Trump’s presidential campaign about its possible ties to Russia as a reason for his position. To quell rising tensions, officials briefed Nunes and South Carolina Republican Rep. Gowdy a couple of weeks ago in a meeting the lawmakers later called “productive.”

According to a statement from Ivanka’s office, the first daughter’s decision to help with the campaign came after she developed a strong relationship with Kevin McCarthy during their efforts to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its Child Tax Credit provisions. The duo also worked closely on Sesta/Fosta legislation to combat online sex trafficking.

Ivanka will appear alongside McCarthy at events in Fresno and Los Angeles next month. The proceeds will go to Protect the House, McCarthy’s joint-fundraising committee with Vice President Mike Pence.

“At the request of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Ivanka Trump will be headlining a June 18 Protect the House fundraiser with the Leader in California,” a statement from Ivanka Trump’s office reads, according to a report by Politico.

Fresno GOP party chair Fred Vanderhoof told the media that anyone from the Trump family is welcome to help out in the campaign.

“Oh yeah, we are excited,” Vanderhoof said.