Rio de Janeiro Police Officer Loses His Job After Tweet

A Brazilian police officer has lost his job after sending a tweet criticizing a hoard of women who had worked for him.

Pedro Paul Pinho used his Twitter account to state that out of the 14 female staff members who worked for him, “only one had the talent, courage, and determination needed for police work.”

Mr. Pinho has since apologised for his outburst, and went on to say that his comments had been misinterpreted. However that didn’t stop him from being fired, and the head of Rio police, who herself is a woman, has decided to replace him with a female officer.

Pinho noted that he was angry with one particular policewoman, who had reportedly had a series of problems at the station. She didn’t turn up for work on Monday, but was then caught tweeting from her account.

Speaking to the Brazilian news website, G1, Pinho stated, “That made me very angry and I started to give out opinions about public service and explaining that police work demands talent, determination, but without generalising.”

Martha Rocha, the head of Rio de Janeiro’s civil police, believed that his actions were unsuitable for someone in his position, stating that Pinho was sacked due to his “difficulties in managing the human resources at his disposal.”

One of Pinho’s tweets remarked, “And this one, among 14, still young, has no man to match her. When a woman is good as what she does, no one can beat her. But otherwise …” He has since commented that he feels like he has been treated unfairly.