June 29, 2018
Hilaria Baldwin Flaunts Stunning Post-Baby Weight Loss A Week After Childbirth

Hilaria Baldwin, the gorgeous yoga-teacher wife of actor Alec Baldwin, is superhuman, as evidenced by her jaw-dropping weight loss just one week after giving birth to her fourth child.

Hilaria was photographed on May 24 looking skinny and stunning in a green flower dress that accentuated her yoga-toned legs and flat abs (photo below). Judging by sleek physique, it's hard to believe that Baldwin gave birth to her fourth child on May 17.

During each of her four pregnancies, Hilaria followed a healthy, mostly vegan diet and exercised every day, alternating between yoga workouts, walking, running, body-sculpting, and light weightlifting.

Lost Baby Weight In Record Time

Hilaria's rapid weight loss after each of her four pregnancies was helped dramatically by the fact that she ate well, worked out, and did not gain excessive amounts of weight while pregnant.

Baldwin chronicled her body changes on Instagram, saying she wants to share her experiences so other women realize that getting back in shape after childbirth takes work.

"My purpose here is to normalize the postpartum figure and over the next days, weeks, and months, show you how I strengthen my body and return to my non pregnant self," she wrote on Instagram. "We all come in different shapes, sizes, and health experiences...but given the right love and care, we can feel really good within our skin."

Here's a photo of Hilaria's tiny stomach just 24 hours after she gave birth to son Romeo on May 17, 2018.Baldwin, who has given birth to her four children in rapid succession, lost the baby weight in record time after each pregnancy.

Hilaria's weight loss secrets were a mostly vegan diet and daily exercise, which she said she does both to look good and to feel great, as the Inquisitr has reported. "I do some exercise every day," she said.

Other celebrity vegetarians include supermodel Christie Brinkley, who credits a mostly vegan diet, cardio exercise, and yoga workouts for her age-defying bikini body at 64.

Like Hilaria Baldwin, Christie is a longtime fitness fanatic who exercises daily. "I exercise because I want to have healthy joints," Brinkley said. "Feeling good is looking good, and that can translate to an energy you exude."

Christie does yoga regularly and likes cardio cycling workouts. Fitness experts say yoga builds lean muscle and aids weight loss by reducing stress.

Christie has said her top beauty secret (in addition to exercise) is a positive attitude.

"Attitude plays a huge part in how you feel," Brinkley said. "Nothing looks better on you than happiness, and that's in your own hands."