Doctor Who Filmed Rap Videos During Surgeries Sued For Malpractice After Patient’s ‘Catastrophic’ Brain Damage

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Windell Davis Boutte is facing several malpractice lawsuits after her patients discovered that she had filmed herself singing and dancing to rap music during surgeries, XXL Magazine reports.

According to WSB-TV, Boutte posted more than 20 videos of herself on YouTube, in which the plastic surgeon is seen singing and dancing over exposed patients in the middle of surgeries.

In the video compilation below, Boutte is filmed bobbing her head and singing along to “Cut It” by O.T. Genasis before slicing into one of her patients.

The clips show the surgeon dancing while holding medical tools in her hands and rapping to T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” as she delivers her own version of the song, with lyrics related to plastic surgery.

In one of the YouTube clips, Boutte is even accompanied by surgical aides that dance in the background to Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea’s “Booty.”

Since Boutte’s impromptu rap videos have been revealed, a number of patients have filed lawsuits, accusing the doctor of unsafe practices and of conducting surgeries with an unqualified staff.

One of the patients who is suing Boutte for malpractice, Mitzi McFarland, claims she woke up after surgery in a hotel room with a McDonald’s sandwich in her hand and no recollection of how she got there. McFarland says that she was told she would not be heavily sedated during surgery and that she would not need to arrange for a ride home.

WSB-TV reports that both McFarland and her sister, Kristine Dolly, are suing Boutte after the surgeon performed liposuction procedures on them at her Lilburn office in 2015.

MacFarland stated that she feels “deformed” after her surgery, especially since it has come to light that the two sisters didn’t get the upscale Smart Lipo procedures that they came in for.

“It’s more like Freddie Krueger cut my stomach.”

Through their lawsuits against Boutte, the two sisters found out that the surgeon actually performed conventional liposuction procedures instead of the requested Smart Lipo, in which fat is removed with the help of lasers.

Susan Witt, the lawyer representing the two sisters as well as several other patients suing Boutte, claims that the surgeon pays little mind to patient safety.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes Witt as saying that the surgeon and her staff are more interested in lining up their pockets rather than looking after the wellbeing of their patients.

“Dr. Boutte and her staff are more concerned about increasing profits versus a focus on patient safety, which should be of foremost concern.”

A total of five malpractice settlements and four pending lawsuits have been reported in connection to Boutte.

One of Witt’s clients recently reached a settlement with Boutte after claiming that a family member and former patient of the plastic surgeon suffered “catastrophic” brain damage during a tummy tuck procedure on February 18.

The lawsuit, which settled earlier in 2018 for an undisclosed amount, was filed by 26-year-old Ojay Liburd, who claimed that his mother, 54-year-old Icilma Cornelius, was left with permanent brain damage and unable to look after herself after her heart stopped during surgery.

In the lawsuit, Liburd showed that Boutte’s Lilburn office was not equipped to deal with the situation and that the staff was forced to call 911 and let the paramedics handle the emergency.

As reported by WSB-TV, Cornelius, who was a bride-to-be, was not intubated during her surgery and did not receive general anesthesia. Until the patient was finally resuscitated by the paramedics, her brain was deprived of oxygen, which led to permanent brain damage that will require a life care plan in excess of $13 million.

“She just wanted to be perfect for her wedding dress,” Liburd said in a statement.