May 25, 2018
Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Hoping Her 'Revenge Body' Will Keep Tristan Thompson From Cheating

Khloe Kardashian is working hard to get back in shape after giving birth to baby daughter True Kardashian last month. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Khloe recently posted a video of herself working out after giving birth, with Joel Bouraïma, also known as Coach Joe. Khloe can be seen in the video lying down on a mat with a 40-pound dumbbell sitting on the floor above her head. Khloe, who was working out in a baggy black T-shirt and form-fitting workout pants, has her shirt pulled up a bit as the camera and fans got a glimpse of Khloe's toned stomach. After giving birth, Khloe received some harsh criticism from trolls making unflattering comments about her body and appearance.

With baby True just being one-month-old, Khloe's ready to drop the baby weight and get back into shape but, according to RadarOnline, Khloe is reportedly doing it for the wrong reasons. The 33-year-old is reportedly "desperate" to shed the extra pounds and get back in shape to keep her newborn daughter's father and boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, from cheating again.

Following Tristan'scheating scandal that shocked Khloe and her family just days before she went into labor, the pair has kept a relatively low profile in terms of where they stand with their relationship. The couple was spotted a few weeks after Khloe gave birth to their daughter together so many speculated that despite the huge scandal of the 27-year-old's indiscretions, the couple remained a couple. No one has spoken out publically on the status of the couple's relationship and as of late, despite the pair remaining together, according to UsWeekly, they are together but "fighting constantly."

Despite Khloe's love life appearing to remain in shambles, the Revenge Body reality star is able to get back to and focus on her first love, being fit. Khloe has become more vocal over the years about her struggle with obtaining and maintaining the body of her dreams. Khloe's struggle to keep a sexy and slender physique made her the perfect person and motivational agent for guests featured on her show, Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.As host and showrunner, Khloe acts as living proof that her guests can obtain, maintain and have the body they've always wanted to have with hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.Khloe's love for hitting the gym and working out has become less about proving herself to others and more about herself. Khloe told Cosmopolitan that exercising helps her get her "mind right," and as previously reported by the Inquisitr, she's just trying to get back into the rhythm of working out because it's something that she simply loves to do.