Is Nicki Minaj Dating Eminem? New Song Claims She ‘Bagged An Em’

In today’s strange celebrity dating news, it seems that Nicki Minaj and Eminem are now officially a couple.

We’ll give you a moment to catch your breath.

Ready? Let’s get back to it. The “Barbie Tingz” rapper, who recently announced the title of her new album and plans to push back the release of the record to August 10, shared some even more shocking news when she hinted at a romance between herself and the 45-year-old emcee.

Just to recap Minaj’s love-life so far, the rapper previously dated Nas with the pair splitting up in December 2017. According to reports, the duo decided to call it quits because of distance — she is based in Los Angeles while Nas calls New York home. The two ended things amicably with an inside source claiming there’d be no trash-talking or future beef between the artists. Which, good. Before Nas, Minaj dated fellow rapper Meek Mill for two years.

Now it seems the “Barbie Tingz” singer is hooking up with another emcee, Slim Shady, a.k.a. Marshall Mathers. Apparently, rumors of a romance between the two have been swirling for quite some time but Minaj finally revealed some truth to the gossip in an Instagram post. The artist debuted her new single, “Big Bank” featuring Big Sean, YG, and 2 Chainz on the social media platform with a video of her rapping lyrics like “bagged an Em” alluding to a hookup between the two artists.

When a fan boldly asked the rapper if she was dating Eminem she simply responded with a “yes.”

Of course, Minaj could just be screwing with us but there seems to be a foundation for these rumors. The artists have worked together in the past, most notably on Minaj’s single “Roman’s Revenge.” The rapper has talked about the collaboration in the past saying Eminem pushed her to be better on the track and that their working relationship was highly “competitive.” While Minaj split from Nas in December, Mathers has been open about his own love life, or lack thereof, sharing how difficult it’s been to find someone given his celebrity status.

If the two are together we can only dream of the kind of music fans will be gifted. Both artists have dropped tracks recently that are among their best work, with Minaj rapping on “Chun-Li” and Mathers making headlines with a freestyle rap that blasted President Donald Trump late last year. Hopefully, a new romance means more collaborations are in the future.