Santa Fe Shooting Update: First Lawsuit Filed Against Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ Parents

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Just one week after the Santa Fe High School shooting that killed 10 and injured many others, one family is taking action against the shooter’s family.

According to ABC 13 News, the family of Chris Stone, a 17-year-old student who was killed in last week’s shooting spree, has filed a lawsuit against Dimitrios Pagourtzis’ parents, Antonios Pagourtzis and Rose Marie Kosmetatos. Chris’ parents, Christopher Stone and Rosie Yanas, have already filed the paperwork and court documents show that the lawsuit is eight pages long with five different allegations.

The charges are as follows:

  • Failing to properly secure their weapons
  • Permitting their son to have access to their weapons and ammunition
  • Failing to obtain mental health counseling and services for their son
  • Failing to properly warn the public of Dimitrios’ “dangerous propensities,” and
  • Negligently entrusting their weapons to their son

The documents refer to Pagourtzis as “monstrous murderer” and alleges that his parents “failed to teach their son any respect for life.” The document also states that had Dimitrios not had access to these deadly weapons, loss of life could have very well been prevented.

“Had the Murderer not had available to him the weapons for his carnage, his hidden black rage might well have continued to simmer within, but, the life’s blood of his teacher and peers, including DECEDENT CHRISTOPHER JAKE STONE, would not have been so horribly, callously and needlessly spilled.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Pagourtzis didn’t just kill 10 people, he allegedly also taunted them as he shot them to death. Witnesses say that the shooter blasted a Japanese World War II military anthem on his cell phone while killing in cold blood. He also allegedly sang “Another one bites the dust” as he fired rounds from the Remington 870 shotgun and.38-caliber handgun. The shooter even went up to a group of students who were hiding in a closet and opened the door to yell “Surprise, motherf***er!” before murdering them.

Earlier this week the Inquisitr shared a statement that the family of the shooter issued following the tragic events.

“We are saddened and dismayed by yesterday’s events at Santa Fe High School. We extend our most heartfelt prayers and condolences to all of the victims. We also wish to thank all the first responders from all over Texas that assisted in rendering aid and support.”

In the statement, the family also said that they were as shocked and confused as anyone else following the tragic events while calling their son Dimitri “a smart, quiet, sweet boy.” It’s also noted that the shooter was on the school’s honor roll, football team, and was a participating member with his family at a local Greek Orthodox church.

The shooter had plans to kill himself after unleashing the deadly attack but he didn’t push through with his plan and instead surrendered himself to police.