Dwayne Johnson To Star In Fighting ‘Teddy Bear’ Movie

Thanks in part to Seth MacFarlane for offering up a crude teddy bear comedy, it looks like Dwayne Johnson is now taking his crack at the next teddy bear film. However, this one seems a bit different. Johnson, who’s set to also produce, is said to star in a new film that will see him go toe to toe with a teddy bear.

As you know films have been spawned from television shows, plays, and even songs, but this is probably the first that has ever been created from an image being passed around on the internet. In the image, a bear is seen holding a sword to ward away an evil creature. That’s where Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock, comes in. The drawing titled “Teddy Bears: Protecting innocent Children from Monsters Under the Bed Since 1902” has inspired the film titled Teddy Bear (we’re hoping that’s just its working title.)

So far there hasn’t been a writer or director on board for the project, but, with the success of MacFarlane’s Ted, Newline has already helped the idea move along quite nicely. For those who have missed Dwayne Johnson, this is just one project in a long slew of projects that he’s slated for. This year he starts his return back into the acting world with the release of Snitch followed by G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dito Montiel’s Empire State, Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain, and Justin Lin’s Fast Six.

Here’s hoping you also have room for some teddy bear lovin’ on your Johnson roster.