TotalBiscuit Dies: Popular YouTube Gamer John Bain Dies After Lenghty Battle With Cancer


Popular YouTube Gaming critic TotalBiscuit has died of cancer, prompting an outpouring of support from fans of the man known in real life as John Bain.

Bain’s passing was announced on Thursday by his wife, Genna Bain. The 33-year-old gaming critic had initially been diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014, and shared much of his cancer journey with fans. He initially went into remission after an intensive treatment, but shared that his cancer returned last year and moved aggressively. As Kotaku reported, he was forced to retire from his work as a gaming critic, though he planned to continue his plans to make a video game alongside his wife.

TotalBiscuit had prepared fans for his inevitable passing. In an update posted in January 2016 on Twitter, John Bain told his fans that a CT scan showed spots on his liver and would be starting cancer treatment again.

Though he remained upbeat, Bain said doctors shared a grim prognosis for his cancer.

“Average life expectancy is 2-3 years, though there are outliers that live much longer. I’ll be back on chemo in a few weeks, with the goal of pushing it back and keeping it there for as long as possible. I fully intend to be the outlier, the average is this way because most people that get this are old and not strong anymore.”

Many fans shared messages of encouragement with TotalBiscuit, who was also known as CynicalBrit and TotalHalibut online. He was a popular figure both on YouTube and Reddit, where he had a subreddit dedicated to him. In the hour after his death was announced, that subreddit turned into a memorial of sorts, with many fans sharing their memories of him and said they felt as if they grew to know him personally through his gaming videos.

“Dude has been a part for my life for years, got me into gaming,” one fan wrote on a post announcing his death. “Never knew him, never spoke to him, he didn’t know i existed. But It hurts.”

Bain was recognized well within his industry. He won a Golden Joystick award in 2012 for the category of Best YouTube Gamer, and his videos regularly topped 100,000 views or more.

Many took solace after the death of TotalBiscuit in his unending optimism. John Bain remained active on Twitter until just days before his death, often sharing uplifting messages and assuring fans that even though his physical health was deteriorating, he remained positive.