Bill Hader To Play David Hasselhoff’s Role In ‘Baywatch’

In truly mystifying news, Bill Hader is said to be playing David Hasselhoff’s role in a Baywatch remake. We’ll say that again so it sinks in. SNL comedian Bill Hader is planning to run on the beach as David Hasselhoff’s character in a Baywatch remake. No we’re not joking, and yes this sounds just as wonky and awesome the second time around.

Paramount is remaking the iconic and sometimes laugh out loud worthy drama Baywatch, which hosted a bevy of guest stars including Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Berkley, and Jason Marsden.

Now it’s Bill Hader’s turn. He has pretty huge shoes to fill as the comedian is set to play lifeguard Mitch Buchannon. According to The Wrap, Hader is set to star with Reno 911 c-creator Robert Ben Garant will direct the film adaptation. Originally a drama, this version of Baywatch will spoof the original series, in a satirizing way, which is sure to be quite funny and effective. This isn’t the first film to take aim at unintentionally funny film or television series. Mike Meyers turned his franchise Austin Powers into a running joke on the old Bond films.

The film, which is said to go into production sometime in April is already dealing with the excitement of pre-production. The film’s director Garant said of Baywatch:
“They’re so excited they made us shoot a trailer and the script isn’t even done.”

Luckily enough, David Hasselhoff proves that he has an excellent sense of humor about himself as well as his acting career, and will be seen making a cameo in the film. It’s not said whether or not Pamela Anderson who rose to fame on the show, will make a cameo but it doesn’t look likely. Anderson told the associated press her thoughts on the Baywatch film. “I think doing a movie sometimes ruins these really great TV shows, and I don’t want to play someone’s mom.”

Are you excited to dive back into Baywatch?