NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons Eyeing Dwane Casey For Coaching Vacancy, According To Adrian Wojnarowski

It appears that the Detroit Pistons are zeroing in on Dwane Casey to be their next head coach. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN is reporting that the Pistons will turn their focus towards Dwane Casey in an effort to fill their coaching vacancy.

The news regarding Casey being in the running for the coaching vacancy comes after the Detroit Pistons officially tabbed Ed Stefanski to oversee basketball operations. The first order of business for the Pistons was to hire the lead decision-maker.

Ed Stefanski was the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers from 2007 to 2001, will serve under the title of Pistons’ senior advisor. He will take on the responsibility of evaluating the Pistons’ front office. This includes Pistons’ general manager Jeff Bower.

If Stefanski is is not completely satisfied with how Bower has performed in his duties, he will replace him. After making a decision on Jeff Bower, Stefanski will have to help the Pistons land a coach.

Going after Dwane Casey is a smart move by the Detroit Pistons. Dwane Casey was abruptly fired (courtesy of TSN) by the Toronto Raptors less than a week after his team lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern semifinals. The Cavaliers swept the Raptors in a telling playoff series.

Shortly after Dwane Casey was given the axe by the Raptors, he was named a finalist for the NBA Coach of the Year award. It was a nomination that was well-received. Even the Raptors congratulated Casey (courtesy of CBS Sports) in an odd Twitter post.

Identifying Dwane Casey as a coaching candidate shows the direction that the Detroit Pistons want to go in. The Pistons want to return to the playoffs and eventually contend for an NBA championship again.

After trading (courtesy of for Blake Griffin prior to the NBA trade deadline in January, the Detroit Pistons had high expectations.

It was the belief that the Pistons could push for a playoff spot in the bottom half of the seedings. Once the Pistons acquired Blake Griffin they went on a brief tear, winning five consecutive games.

However, things turned ugly quickly afterwards. The good will earned from a five-game winning streak gave way to six losses in seven games. It caused the Pistons to tumble out of the playoff picture, while leaving many to wonder what went wrong.

Not having point guard Reggie Jackson for much of that time hurt the Pistons in terms of depth. Finding a rhythm was tough at times.

Much of the Detroit Pistons’ offense was run through Ish Smith and Blake Griffin after he arrived. Griffin often took on the role as a facilitator with the Los Angeles Clippers.

With the two of them guiding the offense things looked clunky. There was little spacing. Also, the perimeter shots hardly fell. It was clear that former Detroit Pistons’ coach Stan Van Gundy could not develop a way to fully incorporate Griffin with Smith and star center Andre Drummond. It is imperative that the next coach of the Pistons can.

Dwane Casey had the luxury of a talented backcourt. If he were to be hired by the Pistons he will oversee a frontcourt with similar riches.

What plans Dwane Casey would have in store for the Pistons will likely determine if he is the man for the job. Building an offense that suits the Pistons can be a difficult task. Many of the current parts fit, yet there are a few that do not.

In order to find success the Detroit Pistons will have to add a shooter or two, a stout perimeter defender, and a guard adept at the pick-and-roll. The Pistons gave away their first-round pick to get Blake Griffin. It could take a trade or two for the Pistons to add the players they need.

Finding a head coach must come before any major roster moves can be made for the Detroit Pistons. Several signs point to Dwane Casey being their target. Hiring Dwane Casey would be a smart move for the Pistons.