Brad Pitt Is Not Dating Neri Oxman Nor Receiving ‘Sobriety Support’ From Her [Debunked]

Ever since Brad Pitt’s marriage with Angelina Jolie broke down, the actor has been paired with a host of female celebrities, including his former wife Jennifer Aniston, but almost all of those reports have not stood the test of time as their sources have often been dubious.

Now the latest woman to be paired with Pitt is MIT professor and architect, Neri Oxman, who first collaborated with him during an architecture project the two of them undertook last year. Since then, several tabloids have claimed that Brad and Neri have started dating, although no clear evidence of such a relationship exists. Even so, reports continue to link them together, with another article from Radar Online claiming that the MIT professor has been instrumental in helping Brad Pitt get away from his “drinking” problem.

Admittedly, Brad Pitt suffered from a drinking problem during his marriage with Angelina but for almost two years now, he has remained sober. In an interview with GQ last year, Pitt had claimed that he used to smoke pot as well, which had created problems during his marriage, but now he doesn’t to pot either. This is in large part due to the actor going to therapy every week, but even so, reports claimed that Neri Oxman has helped him in his recovery. This, after contesting that the two of them have been dating for a while, a bogus claim which has been debunked time and again by credible media organizations, including Vanity Fair and People.

Neri Oxman and Brad Pitt have nothing more than a professional relationship, and a source close to Gossip Cop said that Oxman does not intervene when it comes to the personal aspects of Pitt’s life.

Even so, it didn’t stop tabloids from cooking up “sources” vouching to have insider knowledge about the non-existent romantic relationship between Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman. The so-called source alleged that Oxman has told Pitt that she wouldn’t date him unless he quit drinking for good.

“Neri would not date him if he was drinking or using. She is about as straight-laced as they come… Neri is a firm believer that people should not put anything into their bodies that does not belong.”

Quite where this source comes from is anybody’s guess, but it is not completely surprising as a slew of bogus stories pairing Brad Pitt with several female celebrities can be found on the internet. Apart from Oxman and Aniston, another woman who has also been paired with Brad Pitt is Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, who once attended a charity event with the star.