Briana DeJesus Quits 'Teen Mom 2' After Losing It During Reunion Fight Per 'The Ashley'

Briana DeJesus may not be returning to Teen Mom 2 after the reunion brawl this past weekend. As the days go by, more details about what happened between the reality stars are coming to light. DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry nearly had a physical altercation on set, but security intervened before anything could happen. Punches were thrown but none were landed. Lowry did have her hair pulled by Briana's sister, Brittany DeJesus.

The details surrounding the Teen Mom 2 fight have been shocking, especially given the extent of Briana DeJesus' behavior. According to the Ashley, Briana DeJesus was actually sent home from the reunion filming. She reportedly was told not to return to the set on Sunday following the violence that occurred. It was confirmed that Briana flew back home to Florida, but it was insinuated that she did that on her own accord. DeJesus has revealed she quit Teen Mom 2, but the details surrounding that have not been confirmed by the network.

Filming on Sunday was interrupted due to the fight, which leaves plenty of questions about what will happen with the Teen Mom 2 stars in the future. Chelsea Houska was reportedly upset about the violence and decided to head home to ensure her safety as she is pregnant with her third child. Jo Rivera left as well, and now, it has been confirmed that Briana DeJesus was sent home. Without filming complete, there could be issues when it comes time for the reunion to air.

In the exclusive given to the Ashley, it was revealed that Briana DeJesus was out of control when approaching Kailyn Lowry on set. She reportedly threw a vase and shattered it all over the stage. This was something new for the Teen Mom 2 production team. The DeJesus family has been confrontational on set before. Back in 2013, the women attempted to fight with Briana's first baby daddy, Devoin. Moving forward, the production team is weighing their options on how to handle them.

It is unclear what will happen with Teen Mom 2 at this point. Briana DeJesus says she quit and will not return to filming. The other ladies have not discussed what they plan to do as far as signing another contract. Jenelle Evans did not attend the reunion because they wouldn't fly her husband in with her. Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer reportedly finished filming their segments on Sunday while the others flew home following the Teen Mom 2 brawl on Saturday.