'Grey's Anatomy' What Is Owen Hiding, And What Will We Learn After The Long Winter Hiatus?

With a long break ahead for Grey's Anatomy, fans will once again be wondering what's up, and what will happen going forward. Tonight is the last episode before the break that will take us into February, but will we have to wait to see what has Owen so worked up, and what will unfold after the break.

The Inquisitr reported that actor Martin Henderson had arrived as Dr. Nathan Riggs to join the cast of Grey's Anatomy two weeks ago, and sparks starting flying between Riggs and Owen Hunt, and not the good kind. Riggs seems to be okay with Hunt, but Hunt is definitely not okay with Riggs. There seem to be clues that it has something to do with the time years ago when they were both field doctors in Afghanistan, but fans don't have much confirmation. This is one storyline that fans of Grey's Anatomy want to get to the bottom of before they accept Dr. Nathan Riggs as a keeper.

Bustle is presenting a good news/bad news scenario to fans of Grey's Anatomy. The good news? Grey's Anatomy seems to be holding its own in the ratings. The bad? Fans will have a long wait, about three more months until we find out what is really going on at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital.

"As the rumor mill around the hospital continues to spiral out of control, Grey Sloan Memorial is flooded with injured firefighters from a nearby wildfire," teases the press release for the episode. "Maggie struggles to keep things with Andrew professional at work; meanwhile, Jo questions Alex's priorities."

As for the future of Dr. Nathan Riggs? He's here to stay, as Martin Henderson has been signed on as a series regular, but Shonda Rhimes is enjoying the time she has teasing the link between the two of them.

Expect more heated exchanges with Hunt as the writers continue to tease the character's history, and more encounters in elevators with Meredith as the writers continue to torment their viewers with hints of a post-McDreamy romance.

The Hollywood Reporter advises that there is something being hidden by Owen Hunt, but what is it?

To say there's a wedge between Dr. Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) and Owen would be an understatement. Owen has had it out for Riggs since the latter first arrived — with a patient to visit April (Sarah Drew) — and has accused Bailey (Chandra Wilson) of putting the hospital at risk by hiring a total stranger and failing to do a thorough background check.

A clue tonight could be hidden in another person that shows up from Owen's past (he can't seem to keep these folks in the closet, right?).

He's struggling to control his feelings right now. Whatever it is, it's really igniting Owen in a big way and a way we haven't seen in quite a few years. It's fun to play that again. He's been a very controlled chief for the hospital for the past four or five seasons so it's nice to see that fiery side of Owen come back. He doesn't cope particularly well.

But who will be showing up to give Grey's Anatomy fans insight into the Owen/Nathan feud? It seems it will be someone Owen is very fond of. Paging Cristina Yang. We don't think so, but fans would love this!

Will you be able to wait until after the hiatus to get Grey's Anatomy answers?

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