‘Days Of Our Lives’ 5/23 Recap: Vivian’s Alive, Kate Shot To Kill, Chad Talks To DA, Sonny Served

In Today’s May 23 episode of Days of Our Lives, Sonny is excited about starting a new relationship with Leo. He is all smiles as he tells his mother, Adrienne, that he plans on dating Leo again now that he is no longer working at Titan. Sonny is hopeful that he will actually be able to begin moving on with his life. Adrienne is concerned that it may be too soon for Sonny to jump into a complicated relationship, especially since it wasn’t that long ago that Will returned to Salem and Sonny broke off his engagement with Paul.

Sonny admits to Adrienne that he simply does not want to be alone. In true Days of Our Lives fashion, Will walks into the room as Sonny is telling his mom that he is certain the two of them would be happy again if only Will could remember his old life. When Sonny realizes that Will is there, he invites his two ex-lovers, Will and Paul, out on a double date.

Will has dropped by the Kiriakis mansion to see Adrienne. He has found that the extra papers in Dr. Rolf’s journal actually contain secret formulas that have been written in some form of invisible ink. Adrienne is hopeful that Will can find some of the answers to his past and possibly begin to remember his old life.

While Sonny is making plans for the future, Leo is scheming with Kate to take down Titan by bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny. The papers have been served and Leo prepares to give Will an exclusive interview about the events of the evening Leo spent making love with Sonny in his office.

Kate is headed to clean out her offices at DiMera Enterprises before Stefan clears it out for her. As she gets to DiMera, she goes into Andre’s office. Kate looks up and sees Andre, in his character’s new ghost form, sitting behind his desk. He compels her to tell him the truth about Vivian’s death, claiming that power is her driving force.

During today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, we learn that Kate did not shoot Vivian out of self-defense. The pair did struggle for the gun, however, Kate was able to wrestle it free from Vivian’s grasp. It was a role reversal as Kate held Vivian at gunpoint. When Vivian called Kate weak, she was proven wrong. Kate pulled the trigger, aiming to kill her rival.

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On the other side of Salem, Jennifer is talking to Abby about her mental illness. Abby believes that her sexual relationship with Stefan was her fault because she remembers initiating it. Jennifer is trying to convince her daughter that Abby’s actions were not made in the right mind. Abby is feeling awful about sleeping with Chad’s brother, telling Jennifer that she doesn’t know how he can ever forgive her.

Chad has gone to speak with DA Trask about his wife’s case. Trask is intent on putting the last nail in Abby’s coffin, stating that without a permanent address she is a flight risk. She intends to tell the judge that bail should be revoked and Abby sent to Statesville immediately. Chad is not impressed with Trask’s attitude, getting even more irritated as the DA pokes fun at someone who needs mental aide.

Chad warns the DA that, since Abby is not mentally stable, there is a chance that Abby will be sent to a facility for healing and released. If DA Trask tries Abby for murder and loses, she is committing political suicide. The DA agrees and on a later Days of Our Lives episode, Abby will plead guilty to a lesser charge. Chad believes that all sides will walk away satisfied. Gabi will soon be sent home to see her daughter, Abby will get the help that she needs, and Trask will keep her job.

During the last scene of today’s Days of Our Lives, we see Vivian laying in a room in a hospital bed. Her eyes flutter and a very dead woman once again breathes. She looks around wondering where she is. Just then, the door to the room opens and Vivian gasps in surprise. She says simply, “Oh my God, it’s you.” Viewers will have to wait for another episode of Days to find out who it was that entered her room.