'Westworld' Season 2 Episode 6 Preview: 'Phase Space'

Episode 6 of HBO's Westworld Season 2 is titled "Phase Space." Let's have a look at everything we know so far about the upcoming episode.

As to be expected, while HBO has given viewers a title for Episode 6 of Westworld, the synopsis is very brief.

"We each deserve to choose our own fate."
While it may be short, it also nicely sums up the theme for Season 2 of Westworld. While Season 1 dealt with the hosts working towards their own self-awareness, Season 2 has been very much about the hosts being able to make their own decisions moving forward.

Episode 6 of Westworld Season 2 is written by Carly Wray and directed by Tarik Saleh.

HBO has released a trailer for Episode 6 of Westworld Season 2. At the start of the clip, it looks like a flashback scene to Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) questioning Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood).

"If you outgrow this place, outgrow us, what would become of you? I think I have a choice to make," Bernard says. The two sentences are seen as different shots, so there is the possibility this scene has been spliced together to look like it is a continuous scene.

Dolores then responds to Arnold with, "No. He didn't say that."

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, there is an "unknown oddity surrounding the scene." While Dolores is usually quite compliant in those scenes involving Arnold, it seems like this time around viewers will see a more forceful Dolores as she argues back with what Arnold told her. THR suggests that what viewers are seeing here is actually a conversation between Dolores and Bernard, the host that is an exact replica of Arnold.

You can view the trailer below and make up your own mind about who Dolores is speaking with.

Along with the trailer, HBO has released the following images ahead of Episode 6.

For those who enjoyed the foray into Shogun World in the last episode, it seems that Episode 6 of Westworld Season 2 will travel back there with images of Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) being present. However, there is little that can be gleaned from either of the Shogun World images, as they are portrait pictures of each character.

HBO's 'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 6, Phase Space, The Man in Black and Grace
HBO | John P. Johnson

Along with storylines involving Shogun World and the host uprising in Westworld, it seems like Episode 6 will touch more on the Man in Black's (Ed Harris) relationship with his daughter, Grace (Katja Herbers). One image released shows the Man in Black and Grace sitting by a fire. Grace is leaning forward as if she is asking him a question. The Man in Black, however, seems more intent of staring at the fire than answering questions. However, viewers will just have to tune into Episode 6 of Westworld Season 2 to find out if this is true or not.

Finally, you can view the full Westworld Episode 6 gallery below.

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While some television series will be on hiatus for the Memorial Day holiday, Season 2 of Westworld will return this Sunday, May 27, with Episode 6 at 9 p.m. ET.