McDonald’s Customer Allegedly Pulls Gun Over Delayed French Fries Order

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A woman who apparently thought her McDonald’s french fries order was taking too long allegedly pointed a handgun at the store manager. Cops say that she left the scene in a vehicle without getting any food. The suspect is still at large in the Albany, New York, incident.

The unhappy meal dispute got its start at the drive-thru window when the woman was waiting about two minutes for her fries. Because there was a long line of cars, employees suggested that she should temporarily park in the fast-food restaurant’s lot, and they would bring out the fries when ready.

McDonald’s manager Robin Perez told the New York Post that the customer dropped an F-bomb and directed a homophobic slur at an employee before allegedly brandishing a weapon.

“‘She was very upset and wouldn’t park. She was arguing…The woman even flung a slushy she had in her car at the drive-thru window, Perez said. Finally, she parked and then rushed into the restaurant, telling one employee: ‘I’m going to come back for you,’ according to Perez, who said he warned her he was calling the cops. ‘She came inside the store screaming and shouting, cursing people out,’ he said. After her outburst, she walked out of the eatery and backed back into the drive-thru, where she pulled a black handgun out of her waistband and pointed it at the manager, cops said.”

Perez added that everyone was understandably shaken up by the encounter. Fortunately, a female companion calmed down the suspect and they drove off otherwise empty-handed. No one was harmed in the incident.

Albany cops released a description of the currently unidentified suspect to the public in hopes of getting any leads, the Albany Times-Union reported, and are reviewing security camera footage as part of the investigation.

Regular Inquisitr readers know that across the country, there, unfortunately, have been many altercations (and sometimes all-out brawls) in fast-food restaurants that often occur at the counter or at the drive-thru. This particular incident seems to combine both venues.

disputs over McDonald's french fries
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Typically, in escalating confrontations of this nature, an argument can start over the accuracy of a food order or how long it takes to be completed, or even both. The word “hangry” has entered the lexicon as a result. A desire for sold-out items can sometimes also create heartburn, as it were. Drive-thru rage and fast-food rage are also now part of the vocabulary.

The status of french fries, in particular, can be a hot-button issue. For example, almost exactly a year ago, a Minnesota woman allegedly sprayed mace on several Wendy’s employees in a beef, as it were, over fresh-or-not french fries. The 25-year-old suspect was apparently concerned that her fries might be stale, which prompted an argument at the drive-thru window. Cops charged the woman with a felony related to the use of tear gas.

That same month, a Florida man allegedly drop-kicked a teenage acquaintance when she returned home from McDonald’s without an order of fries, the New York Post separately detailed.

Last August, a shirtless customer who claimed he was waiting two hours for french fries allegedly jumped the counter and punched an El Paso, Texas, McDonald’s worker in the face. Back in 2013, a man allegedly smashed a McDonald’s drive-thru window (in an incident ironically, perhaps, in France) with an ax because his french fries were cold.