‘Man Of Steel’ To Feature A Female Jimmy Olsen?

Is there going to be a female version of Jimmy Olsen in the new Man Of Steel? It looks to be that way. Rumors are buzzing around the Internet about the identity of the new Jimmy Olsen when Comic Book Movie released a tantalizing tease of Jimmy or Jenny. The comic site poses the question if we may be getting a look at Jenny Olsen instead because we haven’t seen Jimmy Olsen’s whereabouts in the images or trailers promoting Man of Steel.

Well, one look on IMDB will tell you that actress Rebecca Buller will be playing a character named Jenny Olsen. Now this may mean one of two things: A)That we are indeed only getting Jenny Olsen or that B)Jimmy Olsen, the photo might have a strange arc which includes the introduction of his sister.

Although IMDB isn’t the best source, one screen capture of the trailer does indeed show an actress that looks strikingly similar to IMDB’s Jenny Olsen. In the capture she’s seen running from a blast with Fishburne. Either way, we know that this version (thankfully) will be different from the 2006 bomb of a reboot Superman Returns, which starred Brandon Routh. In that version Jimmy Olsen was played by Sam Huntington. This version sees Henry Cavill as Superman and Zack Snyder of 300 and Suckerpunch, at the helm of the picture.

According to Cinemablend Snyder has decided to further shake things up by having Lois Lane, who’s originally a brunette, being portrayed by a red head Amy Adams, as well as Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, who was originally a Caucasian character. It says something about the world Snyder is creating, and maybe he’s going in the right direction by not drawing color or gender lines in the comic book world.

What do you think? Is the world ready for a Jenny Olsen?