WWE Rumors: New Tweet Sparks Speculation That The Young Bucks Might Be Open To Joining WWE

TabercilWikimedia Commons / Cropped and Resized

The Young Bucks may not have ever joined the WWE as actual members of the roster, but they are, in the eyes of many fans, the best and most successful tag team never to work for the so-called “worldwide leader in sports entertainment.” Thanks to their talent, charisma, and popularity, Matt and Nick Jackson have been able to earn a lucrative living in the independent wrestling scene, but as far as the WWE is concerned, both Young Bucks have often been quoted as saying that they aren’t too keen on joining the company. However, there now appears to be a possibility that the erstwhile New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor stars might be interested in becoming WWE superstars after all, as several fans and wrestling publications have speculated.

On Wednesday, Nick Jackson was acknowledging a fan’s Twitter post, where he said that he’s a big fan of the Young Bucks and would like the team to come to WWE “as soon as possible.” Although he said that this wouldn’t be possible at the moment, WrestlingNews.co observed that Nick used the “time-honored” expression “never say never,” adding that he and his brother Matt still have six months remaining before their ROH contracts expire.

“Not possible right now. We have six months left on our current contracts. Never say never but we’re very happy with what we’re doing.”

As further noted by WrestlingNews.co, the Young Bucks are mainly hesitant to join the WWE due to the massive success they have achieved in the independent wrestling scene, though there might be several other reasons why they choose to stay away from the bigger paychecks and wider exposure they could get as WWE talents. Furthermore, fan opinions on a potential move to WWE have been divided, with some saying that it would be a dream scenario, and others contending that WWE wouldn’t know how to book the team properly and might hinder their potential by changing their characters.

So far, fan reactions to Nick Jackson’s tweet that the Young Bucks might not have the door completely shut on the WWE have gravitated toward the latter school of thought. One fan said that the team may ultimately become “irrelevant and misused,” especially with the unusually large roster WWE currently has on both brands. Another fan empathically begged the Young Bucks not to join WWE, calling the company the “worst” in wrestling, and one that tends to ruin the careers of some of the top names from the independent scene. Likewise, WrestleZone opined that there’s no reason for Matt and Nick Jackson to join the WWE, as doing so would likely have them giving up the control they have over their characters, their schedule, and the merchandise they sell.