Hailee Steinfeld & Niall Horan Dating Rumors Hit A Fever Pitch, Reports ‘Us Weekly’

Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan are still spending time together. Rumors of a romance between the “Most Girls” singer and the former One Direction member have swirled for months, and E! News recently described their alleged relationship as “under-the-radar.” However, while the pop star pair hasn’t publicly declared that they are are a couple, they reportedly aren’t going to great lengths to keep their romance under wraps.

According to one eyewitness, Hailee, 21, and Niall, 24, certainly weren’t trying to hide their affection for one another during a recent date night at the Saddle Ranch in Los Angeles. As reported by Us Weekly, the onlooker spotted the couple at the Western-themed eatery last Friday, but the singers didn’t seem too interested in stuffing their faces with BBQ baby back ribs. Instead, Hailee and Niall allegedly kept their mouths otherwise occupied by spending the entire evening “making out.” There’s no word on whether Hailee came up for air long enough to tell the “Slow Hands” singer that she wanted to take their game of kissy face back to his place.

A second eyewitness said that Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan also found other ways to pack on the PDA. The young lovebirds reportedly kept their hands intertwined and got “super cuddly” with one another.

According to People, this wasn’t Hailee and Niall’s only recent outing. On Sunday, the pair headed to the West Hollywood hotspot E.P. & L.P. to engage in another public display of affection. They were spotted holding hands, and Niall reportedly put his arm around his ladylove.

“They definitely looked like a couple,” an eyewitness dished.

Back in March, an insider claimed that Haille and Niall are indeed dating. The source described their relationship as “pretty casual,” but it seems as though things have really been heating up between Hailee and Niall over the last few months. They’ve been friends for years, but fans began to believe that they might be something more when they were spotted checking out the London production of Hamilton back in January. A few weeks later, they attended a Backstreet Boys concert together in Las Vegas. However, the strongest evidence that something was going on between them surfaced in April when the Daily Mail published a photo of Niall with his arm around Hailee during a romantic getaway in the Bahamas.

Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan have also openly shown their affection for one another on social media. Last December, Niall helped Hailee have a happy birthday by calling her “the loveliest person on the planet” in an “awww”-inducing Instagram post. A few months later, Hailee returned the love by putting on one of Niall’s concert T-shirts and posing for a Twitter photo.

Fans of Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld’s relationship would love for the pair to officially announce that they are a couple, but it’s possible that this may never happen. When Us Weekly asked Hailee about the rumors that she and Niall are dating, The Edge of Seventeen actress didn’t confirm or deny them. Instead, she said that she’s a “private person” and that there “are boundaries to a person’s life and personal life.”