Animals Near Starvation As Edenlandia Zoo Runs Out Of Money

Hundreds of animals are at risk of starvation at the Edenlandia Zoo in Italy.

Employees at the zoo said that they are nearly out of food for the animals and that there isn’t any more money to take care of them.

According to Ansa, an Italian publication, the zoo’s management company Park and Leisure went bankrupt in 2011 and the park was turned over to an emergency administration. The lease for the trustee group expires on January 31 and currently, there are no new owners lined up for February 1.

If a new deal isn’t made the zoo’s 70 employees will be laid off and the animals will be left to fend for themselves. Of course, they might starve before that happens. Employees at the zoo said that if funds are not found in the next 48 hours the animals at the zoo will starve.

The employees said in a statement:

“There are only a few days left for both us and the animals. We would like to know why it has gotten to this point and mostly, what is going to be done … If no solution is found, we are going to be thrown out and the animals will die of hunger.”

The Daily Mail reports that the Edenlandia Zoo includes leopards, elephtants, zebras, tigers, bears, ostriches and several other animals. The Edenlandia Zoo was opened in 1949 and was once considered the best zoo in the country.