‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Henrik Reveal Rocks Relationships Throughout Port Charles

Todd WawrychukABC

Peter August’s secret about truly being Henrik Faison is no longer under wraps, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Tuesday’s episode will be jam-packed with tidbits about how this revelation will shake things up all over Port Charles. Viewers saw the first moment of confusion as he met with Anna on the pier during Monday’s episode, and things will get increasingly intense during the May 22 show.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Peter will continue to struggle at the pier. He was surprised to see Anna there when he was expecting to meet his mother and he thought that he was being set up and misled. It looks like before he can process too much regarding what’s going on, Jason will show up to try to rescue Anna. There will be a scramble as Jason pulls his gun, Anna tries to talk him down, and Henrik tries to figure out the truth about what’s happening.

As the pier showdown plays out, General Hospital spoilers indicate that others in Port Charles will be trying to make sense of this bombshell too. Robert will be at the police station, talking with Finn and Dante about how Anna is in danger and about to be killed by Henrik, and he’s desperate to track her down.


Given how Finn just opened up to Anna about his lingering feelings for her, he’ll surely be anxious to try to save her too. TV Source Magazine indicates that Finn will be anxious to find answers as he catches wind of this chaos and viewers know that Robert isn’t going to sit back and wait for Dante, or anyone else, to ensure Anna’s safety.

Nina now knows that Valentin had kept the truth about Henrik hidden from her and she’s got a lot of emotions to sort through as a result. General Hospital spoilers note that she will talk with Lulu about the situation, and all of this is going to cause waves for Lulu as it plays out as well.

ABC Soaps in Depth hints that things will be intense as Henrik and Anna work through this confusing meet. Viewers will have to tune in to see what comes next, but spoilers have detailed that Anna will be left feeling devastated and it sounds as if Henrik will be scrambling to regain some control over this situation.

Fans are anxious to move forward with this storyline, and General Hospital spoilers share that this Henrik reveal will shake things up for many in Port Charles in big ways. Don’t miss Tuesday’s episode and stay tuned for additional spoilers regarding what’s coming next.