Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers Hails From ‘The Cornhusker State’

Beauty pageants have come a long way from the 1950s, and the Miss USA 2018 pageant is no exception. Last night’s competition, which was hosted by Miss USA 1998 Vanessa Lachey and her husband, Nick Lachey, featured five women leaders in the judge’s seats as opposed to celebrities or reality stars like there were in years past. What’s more, the top five contestants asked one another the questions towards the end of the night, and viewers got to cast their votes online for the ultimate winner.

In the end, Miss Nebraska Sarah Rose Summers was crowned Miss USA 2018, and according to Time Magazine, she is very proud of her “cornhusker” roots.

One of the first things that the Miss USA 2018 competition did was eliminate the contestants down to the final 15, because it was based on results of competitions that were held prior to Monday night’s broadcast on Fox networks across the country.

Naturally, as beauty pageants have done since time immemorial, evening gown, swimsuit and interview portions of the competition were also aired.

It was the interview portion of the competition that got interesting, of course, because the question that was asked of the top three contestants was, “what would you write on a blank sign on the way to a hypothetical march?” A loaded question, to be sure, but one that all three contestants answered with aplomb.

Miss Nebraska said that she would write something to the effect of “speaking your voice.” Miss North Carolina said that she would encourage people to march for “your body, your rights,” while Miss Nevada said that she would vow to end homelessness.

The Miss USA 2018 competition also featured a montage that touched on the #MeToo movement — all of the contestants spoke on the movement, what it meant to them, and — if relevant — how the #MeToo movement applied in their everyday lives.

Miss Nebraska also earned the loudest cheers of the night when she said that people in the United States should learn to “speak to, and listen to, one another,” and that’s something that people have lost the art of doing, especially in these rancorous times.

Sarah Rose Summers will be representing the United States in the upcoming Miss Universe 2018 competition. Summers takes over from Kara McCullough, who won the competition last year when it was held in Las Vegas.

The Miss USA 2018 runners-up were Miss North Carolina, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Miss Nevada, Carolina Urrea.

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