Jinger Duggar Disappoints Fans By Liking Derick Dillard’s Post About Donald Trump’s Wall

After Jinger Duggar got married, she set herself apart from her female family members by wearing pants and waiting over a year to get pregnant. This “rebellious” behavior led some Duggar fans to believe that there was a slight chance that she was becoming a freethinker who just might start questioning her fundamentalist Christian family’s beliefs, including their support of President Donald Trump. However, some of her admirers now feel like they were sorely mistaken.

On Sunday, the 19 Kids and Snarking Tumblr page noted that Jinger Duggar recently liked a controversial Instagram post shared by her older sister Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard. In the image, Jill and Derick’s oldest son Israel is innocently playing with a toy excavator truck and a bunch of wooden blocks that he has carefully stacked up in a row.

“Israel helping Trump build ‘The Wall’ lol,” Derick captioned the photo.

As reported by In Touch Weekly, the Duggar husband was slammed for supporting President Donald Trump’s costly symbol of his strong animosity toward undocumented immigrants from Latin America. Some of the Duggar husband’s Instagram followers asked him how he can make light of the Trump administration’s policies that do harm to the same people he and Jill Duggar once tried to help; the former Counting On stars spent two years building relationships with struggling Latino families during their mission trips to Central America.

As reported by Romper, some of Derick’s followers also wondered whether Jesus would support the idea of building a wall to prevent suffering members of his flock from seeking better lives for their families. Others criticized Derick for using his young son as a prop to promote his political views.


Now, Jinger Duggar is also getting criticized for her brother-in-law’s Instagram post.

“Guys, Jinger has liked Derick’s post on Instagram about Israel ‘Building the wall’. Dissapointed [sic] but not surprised unfortunately,” read a post on the 19 Kids and Snarking Tumblr.

“I guess her and Jeremy really just are better at PR than the others. They all have the same attitudes in the end, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

“Don’t let the nicely dressed Vuolo’s fool you, they think exactly like Derick but they need to keep that TLC paycheck,” read a response to the Tumblr post.


Of course, Jinger Duggar’s act of simply liking Derick Dillard’s Instagram post isn’t definitive evidence that she wholeheartedly supports Donald Trump and his policies. However, her husband, Texas pastor Jeremy Vuolo, has shared his belief that Trump has “the authority of God,” and the couple likely thinks about Trump’s wall quite often because their Laredo, Texas, home is so close to the border between the United States and Mexico.

Derick Dillard was more direct when he expressed his support for the president; he came right out and said that he voted for Trump. However, he made it clear that this was because he agreed with many of Trump’s policies, not because he condoned a lifestyle that included multiple marriages and alleged extramarital affairs.

Some fundamentalist Christians like Derick seem to be overlooking Trump’s moral failings because they believe that the president’s actions are fulfilling part of a biblical prophesy that will bring about the end of days.

According to Quartz, these “Rapture Christians” think that Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem brought the world one step closer to an apocalyptic war in Israel that will end with Jesus’ return. As evidenced by one of his recent tweets, Derick does seem to believe that he won’t have to wait much longer for Christ’s second coming.

Derick isn’t the only member of the family who is firmly pro-Trump; Jinger’s parents believe that the billionaire businessman’s election signifies that America is “turning back to God.” However, there is at least one Counting On star who is not a Trump fan.

Jessa Duggar’s husband, Ben Seewald, has said that he did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Seewald didn’t reveal whether the wall was one of the policies that turned him off of the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

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