WWE Spoilers: Huge Announcement Set To Kickoff 'Monday Night Raw,' Big NXT Name Backstage

It was a huge day for WWE with news of a reported deal for SmackDown Live to air on Fox for five years for $1 billion, but they've still got a show to do. With less than four weeks to go until Money in the Bank, there are still some additional matches that need to be added and extra time to fill, but with what? There are a couple of big names already backstage and general manager Kurt Angle has already said he has some "huge" news for the fans.

The official website of WWE put out their preview for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, and it already appears to be a stacked show. Sami Zayn is calling out Bobby Lashley. There will be more superstars joining the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Seth Rollins will also look forward to who still answer his Intercontinental Title open challenge next.

Still, there is going to be much more coming for the fans as Kurt Angle took to social media on Monday afternoon to let everyone know that he has something big for everyone. The only problem is that he failed to give any info at all, but at least he let the world know that his announcement will be made early in the evening.

It could be that his announcement has to do with the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view or it could be something huge for Team Red. No one really knows what is coming, but Angle interestingly hashtagged the USA Network on the day that SmackDown Live is reported to make its move to Fox.

While there are still open spots to fill in the Women's Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, it is possible that one could be filled by someone not even on the main roster yet. Wrestling Inc. noticed a tweet from NXT superstar Kairi Sane which reveals she is going to be at Raw tonight.

Also, Alicia Fox is already backstage in Albany, New York for tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw. Fox hasn't even been backstage at a single WWE event since WrestleMania 34 in early April and she has been out of action since January with a tailbone injury.

While a couple of big names could make their presence known on Raw, WWE already has a big show planned.

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WWE has really had a lot going on lately and most of it has happened outside of the ring, but there is plenty happening tonight on Monday Night Raw. Even with the loaded preview given by the company, it appears as if they have plenty of surprises and "huge" announcements in store for tonight's show. It will be interesting to see just what happens with less than a month to go until Money in the Bank.