Miley Cyrus Rocks ‘Weed Panties’ After Saying That She Quit Smoking

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Miley Cyrus may be taking a break from smoking weed, but the “We Can’t Stop” singer’s herb abstinence isn’t stopping her from showing the world just how much she loves her favorite leafy green.

As reported by Popculture, Miley recently delighted her Twitter followers by using the social media site to show off one of her many marijuana-themed clothing items. On Sunday, she shared a photo of the comfy ensemble that she rocked while spending a lazy morning lounging around in bed. It consisted of panties featuring a cannabis leaf pattern and a red T-shirt that spoofed the Stranger Things title screen. “Eating Meat is Strange,” read the hardcore vegan’s shirt.

“Face Mask [check] Facts AF tee [check] Weed Panties [check],” Miley Cyrus captioned her intimate Twitter snapshot.

Miley’s choice of undergarments had some of her followers asking her if her self-imposed break from toking up is officially over.

“R u secretly smoking. pls say yes,” wrote one fan.

“Welcome back to canna club lol,” another tweeted.

As reported by Us Weekly, Miley Cyrus talked about her decision to give up ganja during a 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show. She told host Jimmy Fallon that she put the pot down when she began working on her album Younger Now because she “wanted to be really clear” while making new music. The fact that weed made her want to do nothing but eat was an added incentive.


“This record, for me, at this moment, is the most important album that I’ve ever made. So I wanted to make sure I’m super clear about the way I’m talking,” Miley explained.

The pop star also said that she had a recurring nightmare about smoking so much pot that she died. She was relieved to discover that no one has ever perished from a marijuana overdose, but she wasn’t completely convinced that this is an impossibility.

“No one’s ever died from weed, but no one has ever smoked as much as I did. So, it’s like, they don’t really know.”

Miley Cyrus appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this month and she confessed that she was battling a strong desire to start smoking again. Kimmel mentioned that recreational marijuana was recently legalized in California, but Cyrus said that even this major win for marijuana lovers hadn’t tempted her to pick her favorite former pastime back up.

“I want to be, but no,” Miley said.

The pop star described marijuana as her “true love,” but she said that she’s still trying to avoid it because she wants to remain “focused” as she works on a new project. However, while Miley Cyrus has proved that she has the willpower to resist smoking weed, this doesn’t mean that she’ll avoid the drug forever.

“I’m sure there will be a day I will happily indulge,” she said.