‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Robert Attacks, Maxie’s Labor Rattles, Valentin Scrambles, And Carly Snaps

Ethan MillerGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of May 21 will be giving viewers plenty to follow as multiple storylines come to a head. Maxie’s in labor, Robert’s back in Port Charles, and Peter’s cover is blown, and the upcoming episodes will bring big developments.

SheKnows Soaps details that Peter will stick with Maxie as she faces a possible roadside delivery of her baby, but General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much about when that baby is coming for certain. As the week plays out, Peter will find himself feeling blindsided by something, but he’ll continue to scramble and this likely has to do with Jason and Sam’s discovery.

Finn revealed his lingering feelings to Anna, and Alexis was left stunned as she heard their discussion. General Hospital spoilers hint that Alexis will do something rash, and Soap Central notes that, for now, Anna will be more focused on finding Henrik than on what Finn revealed.

Unfortunately, it seems that Anna will soon be crushed, and the buzz is that Peter’s secret will finally become widely known and leave everybody involved shaken. Robert managed to get back to Port Charles, and he’ll be determined to exact revenge over his kidnapping. Valentin will be desperate to keep his secrets under wraps, and he’ll soon cross Lulu as he scrambles.


Kiki ends up in a difficult situation with Dr. Bensch, and General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll turn to a friend for support. There is speculation swirling that it is Griffin that she’ll turn to in her difficult moment and that this could lead to something explosive that will shake up his romantic relationship with Ava.

Carly is in a very difficult place after Nelle’s fall, and she’ll soon reach her breaking point. Jason is on to Nelle, but she’ll continue to feel as if she’s won this game she’s been playing. Sonny will continue to struggle over the challenges he’s facing, and teasers note that Dante will be frustrated, seemingly with Lulu and her antics.

There’s something for everyone this week, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the week of May 21 will have viewers buzzing. Stay tuned for additional GH teasers as the next few shows play out and don’t miss any of the chaos that’s on the way as the residents of Port Charles face shakeups on multiple fronts.