Elizabeth Hurley Takes In 'English Sun' In Revealing Bikini Selfie

Elizabeth Hurley, 52, showed that age is just a number in a sizzling hot selfie she shared with her fans on Instagram. Wearing a hot-pink bikini The Royals actress displayed her toned upper body and ample cleavage as she lounged in the English sun. Hurley looked absolutely summer ready as she accessorized her look with a pair of trendy sunglasses and pouted for the camera. Hurley then encouraged her fans to check out her designs from the Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection.

As The Express reports, Hurley previously said that her 16-year-old son Damian does the photography on a lot of her swimwear snaps. She has also, according to The Express, slammed reports which alleged that her son was "embarrassed" by his mother appearing scantily clad in the photos.

"[The reports are] absolute rubbish," she told Stella Magazine, as reported by The Express."He chooses clothes for me. He's my stylist."

Hurley asserted that she's open to anyone taking her picture and her son is a good photographer. So, he takes her photos sometimes.

"But you can tell: if we shot it, I'll be in dark glasses because I haven't got make-up on, and my hair is everywhere."

The Daily Mail reports that Heat Magazine previously quoted a source who claimed that Damian was getting some "ribbing" from friends about his mother's sensual photos, and was encouraging his mother to were some more modest clothing in her Instagram photos.

But it's clear that Hurley is proud of her age-defying looks and will continue to flaunt her body on her social media pages.

Hurley regularly posts revealing photos of herself on her Instagram, which she often posts to promote her swimsuit line, the Elizabeth Hurley Beach Collection. The Instagram account for the company has 153,000 followers while her personal IG account has 953,000 followers.The Elizabeth Hurley Beach Collection was started in 2005 and is described as a "luxury swim label" on its website.

"Focusing on sensual fit and jet set influences, it's for the fashion-conscious woman seeking an element of luxury and excitement in her vacation wardrobe," the website's "About Us" page reads.

Hurley says that she started the line because she was obsessed with swimwear after growing up in England where she'd normally have to leave home with an umbrella. She also wanted to create resort wear that can help women feel "fabulous at any age," the same way that she apparently does.