WWE 'SmackDown': The Miz Promises That The New Day Will Choose Which Member Is In The 'MITB' Ladder Match

WWE Money in the Bank is less than a month away (June 17), and The Miz is promising to get answers from The New Day on Tuesday's SmackDown Live. Last Tuesday on WWE SmackDown, The New Day defeated The Bar in a Money in the Bank qualifier contest. But that outcome left fans wondering, which New Day member will participate in the MITB ladder match (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, or Big E)? "The A-Lister" is looking to get answers on Miz TV during SmackDown Live.

On Friday, May 18, "The A-Lister" released a video on Twitter. As seen in the tweet below, The Miz states that everything he does—titles he holds, shows he appears on, and every match he wrestles in—is a must-see. He then promises that on Miz TV he will get the exclusive on which member of The New Day will be in the ladder match, and which member he will beat to become "Mizter Money in the Bank."

WWE cameras caught up with Kofi, Xavier, and Big E, and per their usual, they provided a humorous retort. As seen in the footage below, after reacting to the lights being turned on like a brood of vampires, the four-time tag team champions accused "The A-Lister" of trying to create tension among the trio. The threesome then explained that they liked that there was mystery surrounding their participation in the MITB ladder match. They then stated that if one of them becomes "Mr. Money in the Bank," then they all do.

Despite The Miz's promise, the WWE universe may not get an answer as to which member will participate in the MITB ladder match. It's possible that the WWE is saving that reveal for the pay-per-view itself, and the company usually likes some mystery involving their special events. But Miz TV is likely to be entertaining regardless, and the segment may end up building to a SmackDown match involving "The A-Lister" and one of the three members.

The Miz won the MITB bank contest back in 2010, and no members of The New Day have yet to win the briefcase. The men's ladder match will consist of eight WWE superstars from both SmackDown and Raw, and thus far, seven participants have secured their spot in the bout: Kevin Owens, Bobby Roode, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Rusev, Finn Balor, and one member of The New Day.

WWE SmackDown Live airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. EST on the USA Network.