‘Blizzard All-Stars’ Still In The Works, Blizzard Says

It’s been quite awhile since Blizzard has had anything to say about Blizzard All-Stars, formerly known as Blizzard DOTA, but don’t take that as a bad sign — Blizzard is still working on it.

That’s according to StarCraft 2 production director Chris Sigaty, who said as much in an interview with Eurogamer, in which the developer explained why Blizzard has kept so quiet about the game.

“We’re actively working on it,” he said. “That I can confirm. A lot of the stuff that’s remaining right now that we need to focus on are the systems necessary to pull off a game with a different business model than StarCraft 2.”

That business model, in case you were wondering, is free-to-play; it’s fast becoming the most popular choice for online games on the PC, and both Riot Games (League of Legends) and Valve (Dota 2) are successfully employing the business model with their own MOBA games.

StarCraft 2 is a box. We intend to do something different with the business model in Blizzard All-Stars, something more closely resembling the other types of games in that genre, the MOBA-style games that are out there today, and being able to sell smaller amounts of things to players, the things they want.”

Originally, Blizzard was going to make Blizzard All-Stars a custom game for StarCraft 2, meaning you’d need a copy of that to play it. However, it seems the developer has since had a change of heart.

“We’ll go into more details about that in the future but I suspect you will not have to have StarCraft 2 to play [Blizzard All-Stars],” he explained. “We’re definitely emphasising it as its own product in the future.”