YouTube Stars Max & Harvey Mills Attend Royal Wedding, Support Brother Leo In Choir

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Max and Harvey Mills made their music debut on their father’s YouTube channel. They eventually joined a music application known as On their MaxAndHarveyOfficial account, the twins amassed a following which has exceeded 5.5 million followers. Max and Harvey are also doing quite well with a newer YouTube channel on which they have earned a substantial following of nearly 300,000 people.

They got their start in the public eye early in life when they began appearing in various commercials and television shows. With the help of their father, the twins began harmonizing together at the age of 7. Eventually, they performed in the UK Tour of The Sound of Music.

Max and Harvey, 15-year-old twins, are the oldest of four children born to Paul and Sara Mills. They have one younger brother Leo (11) and a sister Tilly (7). Leo Mills has recently been following in his brothers’ footsteps with an official account of his own for which he has received a gold crown award.

Max and Harvey, giving their brother a step up, have featured Leo on their own and YouTube channel. Leo Mills has even appeared in Max and Harvey’s music videos, starting out around the same age as his brothers.

Just Jared Jr reported that Leo Mills, being a member of the Choir of St. George Chapel, has sung for the Queen in the past and is no stranger to performing in the castle.

Max and Harvey posted a video on their Instagram in regards to Leo’s most recent invitation to sing in the choir at today’s royal wedding. The pair can be seen excitedly showing off the suits that they planned to wear as they support their brother in the chapel at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony. Leo, of course, was seen dressed in the traditional choir robe.


The twin’s talent and dedication are obvious, and they have many projects going on. The one event that they haven’t been able to stop talking about is their opportunity to attend the royal wedding. Max and Harvey have supported their brother many times in his young life, but this time their brother gave back in an exciting way

The choir, which includes Leo, was asked to sing at the royal wedding to which Harvey stated, “because of him we get to go, too.”

Max and Harvey recently signed a record contract with RMI Recordings. Followers of Leo Mills are wondering if it won’t be long before he follows suit.