Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Dating Jake Gyllenhaal, Despite Report That Reese Witherspoon Set Them Up [Debunked]

Ari PerilsteinGetty Images for LT-LA

Jennifer Aniston has been mentioned in hundreds of rumors since her split from Justin Theroux. Whether those rumors have included Brad Pitt or other men, they don’t seem to be true. The latest rumors surrounding Aniston were that she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal and that Reese Witherspoon had set the two up.

That report came from Woman’s Day, but it has since been debunked by Gossip Cop. There is a good reason for the debunking of the latest rumor surrounding Aniston, and Gossip Cop was happy to release it.

“There was one major problem with the tabloid’s article. Gyllenhaal was in Los Angeles shooting his upcoming movie Velvet Buzzsaw at the time the date was said to have taken place. The actor’s own spokesperson confirmed to Gossip Cop that he wasn’t in New York in late April and never met Aniston for dinner.”

Well, count that rumor as just another attempt to connect Aniston to another man following her latest split. Immediately following the breakup with Theroux, rumors began swirling that she would get back with Pitt. Those rumors did not end up coming true either.

Gossip Cop has debunked a couple of Aniston rumors this week. There was another report from Life & Style claiming that Theroux and Aniston’s close friend, Selena Gomez, were becoming more than friends. That report has since been debunked as well by the entertainment policing website.

She has also heard her name brought up in rumors about her being pregnant. Those rumors are false as well.

Aniston did get out and have a good time with girl pals Courteney Cox and Ellen DeGeneres, as a report from E! Online noted. The outing seemed to have Aniston in good spirits.

“Jen and Courteney were catching up, and were both very talkative. She seemed really happy to be with Courteney and catch up. Everyone was in good spirits. Ellen was the life of the party once she arrived. The girls were really excited to see her, and she brought excitement to their dinner. The girls were laughing the entire night.”

The report also revealed that Aniston is doing “just fine” following her breakup with Theroux.

“She is doing just fine and will be ok. She has a lot of great people in her life who are very supportive and who she considers family.”

Aniston is not currently dating anyone, or at least there is no concrete proof that she is. Rumors will continue coming out about her, but until she confirms, rumors they will remain.